Q&A | Milk. talk to TLMT about their new single ‘Always On Time’

Milk. recently took the time to talk to the Last Mixed Tape about their brand new single ‘Always On Time’, what their listening to now, and their influences.

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify?

Conor Gorman: INNERSTATE by Zaia 
Conor King: GOLD by Brockhampton
Mark: Cut Me by Moses Sumney 
Morgan: New Life by Do Nothing – they’re one of my favourite bands right now, I love their sound.

What’s the last record you bought?

Conor Gorman – The last record I actually remember buying was blink 182’s ‘Neighbourhoods’
Conor King – III by Banks
Mark: Warm On A Cold Night, by Honne
Morgan: I bought my flatmate Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples – it’s a record we both really love.

What is influencing your music right now?

Conor Gorman: right now, the sunshine is influencing what I’m writing! 
Conor King: I’m revisiting some of my favourite records and trying to find textures and features that I hadn’t heard before.
Mark: A desire to learn new things and mess around more sonically with my production.
Morgan: When writing drum parts, I’ve been trying to work around the rhythm, energy and cadence of the vocal line to fit into the song in a distinctive, musical way. I’ve also been playing open-handed a lot in order to push the boat out a little more with my orchestration and develop a sound that the listener can recognise.

Tell us about your new single Always On Time. How was it written and recorded?

Mark: I wrote it over a weekend when I was away for work. I heard it in my head for a while and thought I was singing a song that already existed. Once I realised I wasn’t, I made a note of it and began to work on it myself!

I made an early demo while I was away and sent it to our producer Adam Redmond. A while later, we went into his studio and worked on how to maintain the initial sincerity and intimacy of the demo, but still try to fill out the sound more and expand upon our ideas. 

What do you want people to take away from listening to the track? 

In terms of the track alone, I’d like people to hear the sincerity in the song and understand that it’s not strictly a love song. It’s about admiring the virtues of someone you really care about, rather than the love itself.

When listened to in the context of the EP as a whole, I’d like the listener to feel as though they’ve come to the end of a cohesive but varied journey.

Always On Time by Milk. is out now.

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