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Just Mustard unveil a haunting, hypnotic, and unrelenting performance of ‘October’ live at the Button Factory

Watch Just Mustard perform 'October' live at the Button Factory.

Just Mustard have just unveiled an awe-striking performance of their single ‘October’ live at the Button Factory.

Shot in gritty black and white during the band’s headline show in Dublin last December, this live rendition of the brooding track ‘October’ highlights the group’s power as a live band to create an unrelenting heavy atmosphere of sound through crashing pops and clicks of intermittent noise, pounding rhythm and hypnotic textural vocals.

Released as part of a double-A side single last year (alongside ‘Frank’), ‘October’ is a work of sound collage as Just Mustard rack-up the tension as they engulf the enthralled Button Factory crowd in music that takes hold via its haunting mood and stark tone.

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