TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Inhaler, Saige, Blooms, James Vincent McMorrow, Rebel Phoenix X Melina Malone, Fiona Harte, Sick Love, Christian Cohle, Laura Elizabeth Hughes, Joshua Burnside & Senu feat. Caoi de Barra

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Inhaler, Saige, Blooms, James Vincent McMorrow, Rebel Phoenix X Melina Malone, Fiona Harte, Sick Love, Christian Cohle, Laura Elizabeth Hughes, Joshua Burnside, & Senu feat. Caoi de Barra.

Inhaler – Falling In

Inhaler return with the jolting, sharp-edged sound of their latest single ‘Falling In’. Building on what’s come before, the group hone their sound into an ambitious, far-reaching and bone-rattling track that further establishes them as a force to be reckoned with.

Saige – Ultraviolence

Set against a floating, vivid production, Saige’s ‘Ultraviolence’ makes for a compelling listen with the textural depth and dynamic push and pull drawing you further in.

Blooms – Bare Bones

‘Bare Bones’ has a striking depth of field to it that finds Blooms making her comeback with a song that finds intricacy through space, power through subtly and impact through emotion.

James Vincent McMorrow – Headlights

James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘Headlights’ has a serenity to its that flows right through the hushed sounds, twilight production and air of emotional weight that meld together to create this captivating return.

Sick Love – I’m So (Fucked Without You)

A scratching, raw and ragged indie sound pulses throughout Sick Love’s latest offering ‘I’m So (Fucked Without You) as the band continuing evolution reaches its zenith with a production that matches the power behind the music.

Joshua Burnside – The Only Thing I Fear

A gentle, inviting sound surrounds Joshua Burnside’s ‘The Only Thing I Fear’, an enchanting song that uses patience and stillness to weave its heartfelt songwriting around the listener.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – Pandemonium

A captivating new single from Laura Elizabeth Hughes, ‘Pandemonium’ is a moving ballad that finds its strength in a vocal that carries each lyric with the same care and importance.

Rebel Phoenix X Melina Malone – Care For You

‘Care For You’ finds Rebel Phoenix and Melina Malone collaborating on an atmospherically set hip-hop track where every word, beat and melody add to the growing textural weight of the music and the meaning.

Fiona Harte – Auburn

A soft-spoken song, Fiona Harte’s ‘Auburn’ is the type of song that gradually and gently washes over the listener as the gentle musicianship, layered harmonies and subtle central vocal blend together on this beguiling track.

Christian Cohle – Ghost

Awash with depthful electronic sounds that rise and fall around Christian Cohle’s soulful vocal, ‘Ghost’ is an utterly gripping offering from Cohle that creates an atmosphere that will last long after listening.

Senu featuring Caoi De Barra – Thought I Saw You

Senu continues his run of intricate and inventive releases with ‘Thought I Saw You’. Joined by a melodically lush and enchanting vocal from Caoi De Barra, Senu’s latest single is as sonically labyrinthine as we’ve come to expect.

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