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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Silverbacks, Sugarwolf, Murli X King Pallas, Nealo, Conor Thornton, Alex Gough, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Kehli, Vernon Jane, Ev Carm, Elina Filice, Daire Patel ft. Aby Coulibaly, Mark Geary & Emma Langford

The Last Mixed Tape picks out its favorite tracks from the past week in Irish music.

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Silverbacks, Sugarwolf, Murli X King Pallas, Nealo, Conor Thornton, Alex Gough, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Kehli, Vernon Jane, Ev Carm, Elina Filice, Daire Patel ft. Aby Coulibaly, Mark Geart & Emma Langford.

Silverbacks – Muted Gold
‘Muted Gold’ serves as rumbling, rattling offering from Silverbacks that moves at a contorted pace as the group weave a dense rhymical sound throughout.

Sugarwolf – Changes
A highly-stylised alt-rock sound surrounds Sugarwolf’s new single ‘Changes’. Set against a powerful and immersively ambitious production, the band deliver a striking track that swings for the fences.

Murli X King Pallas – Brick By Brick
A captivating collaboration between Murli and King Pallas, ‘Brick By Brick’ is atmospheric experimental hip-hop at its best as the words and music move in perfect tandem with one another. 

Nealo – Heart Food For Hard Times
‘Heart Food For Hard Times’ finds Nealo collaborating with Adam Garrett and Uly on a track that simply flows with a serene, calming feel that speaks, both sonically and lyrically, for the need to reflect in all of us.

Conor Thornton – The Car Bar
A strong sonic backbone rests behind Conor Thornton’s ‘The Car Bar’. A deeply stylised offering, the single slinks and shudders with a gritty noir sound.

Alex Gough – Heart Attack
A snarling, growling new track Alex Gough, ‘Heart Attack’ never lets up from start to finish as the beat pops and clicks behind a vocal that takes no prisoners.

Bleeding Heart Pigeons – All For The Best
The third single to be released from Bleeding Heart Pigeons upcoming sophomore album Stir, ‘All For The Best’ makes for a sonically lush listen as the band layer a myriad of textures on top of one another to create a far-reaching depth of field.

Kehli – Believe It
Vivid, vibrant and ambitious, Kehli’s ‘Believe It’ is a big pop song that melds hook after hook against a quick changing beat and stylish production.

Vernon Jane – Drugs You Do
Taken from Vernon Jane’s genre-breaking debut album The Ritual Of Love Making (read TLMT’s full review – here) ‘Drugs You Do’ blends the full spectrum of sound and rhythm that makes the record so compelling.

Ev Carm – Laugh Again
A gently set track, Ev Carm’s ‘Laugh Again’ has a hushed ambience to it that draws you in and immerses you in shimmering soundscape that you won’t want to leave.

Elina Filice – Thinking Of You
An effortlessly smooth single, ‘Thinking Of You’ introduces us to the fast-paced lyricism, intricate musicianship and genre-melding hip-hop of Elina Filice.

Daire Patel ft. Aby Coulibaly – Sirens
A hypnotic slice of melodic hip-hop, Daire Patel’s ‘Sirens’ creates a densely textured sound that rises and falls with weight and contrasted by Patel and Coulibaly vocal performances.

Mark Geary – The Forest
An intimate feel flows through ‘The Forest’, centring around the heartfelt performance and songwriting that Mark Geary portrays throughout this calming slice of indie-folk.

Emma Langford – Mariana
Emma Langford returns with the intricate sound of ‘Mariana’, a song that showcases Langford’s ability to write and perform songs that real and lived-in.

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