TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From the Valmonts, Blushing Boy, Naoise Roo, Fields, Fiona Harte, BARQ, CMAT and Neosupervital

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by the Valmonts, Blushing Boy, Naoise Roo, Fields, Fiona Harte, BARQ, CMAT and Neosupervital.

The Valmonts – Yesterday Kids
The Valmonts make a statement with their debut offering, the shimmering indie-pop banger ‘Yesterday Kids’. Bustling with a big, ambitious music that melds a myriad of hooks, hamronies and beats into one widescreen pop sound, the group’s first outing is one that swings for the fences. 

Blushing Boy – Lolita
The sophomore single from post-punk act Blushing Boy, ‘Lolita’ makes for a biting new release brought to the fore via a spiky yet captivating central vocal performance, brooding guitar work and a sharp-edged beat.

Naoise Roo – Ocean
Taken from Naoise Roo’s new E.P. Sick Girlfriend (out today), ‘Ocean’ closes the record with the a slow rumble and brooding vocal that commands your attention while hightlight the impactful presence of Roo’s music.

Fields – Berlin
Wrapped in depthful atmospheric folk sounds, ‘Berlin’ (taken from Field’s debut The Silence Of Staying In) is beautifully set centrepeice in the group’s new album.

Fiona Harte – Sugar Coating
A shimmer filled offering from Fiona Harte, ‘Sugar Coating’ has a serene alt-pop sound that cetnres around Harte’s intimate vocal, making for a captivating track.

Barq – Thanks For The Night
A pulsating new track from Barq, ‘Thanks For The Night’ finds the band commiting to a vivid, highy-stylised production that never lets up resulting in their most striking work to date.

CMAT – Another Day (kfc)
A simply brilliant debut offering from CMAT, ‘Another Day (kfc)’ merges indie-pop and alt-country in a wonderfully vivid single with some of the best and relatable storytelling songwriting released this year.

Neosupervital – We Are Not Alone
Neosupervital returns with the expansive synth-pop of ‘We Are Not Alone’, a track that creates a spwarling sense of space via a crashing electronic beat, distant textures and persistant vocal delivery.

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