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Premiere | The Valmonts debut with the shimmering indie-pop banger ‘Yesterday Kids’

The Valmonts unveil their debut single 'Yesterday Kids' on the Last Mixed Tape.

Check out the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive first listen to the Valmonts debut single ‘Yesterday Kids’.

The Valmonts make a statement with their debut offering, the shimmering indie-pop banger ‘Yesterday Kids’. Bustling with a big, ambitious music that melds a myriad of hooks, hamronies and beats into one widescreen pop sound, the group’s first outing is one that swings for the fences.

‘Yesterday Kids’ makes for an instantly attention grabbing intro from the Valmonts. With a sound so vivid and rich in texture already in place it will be interesting to hear how the band build and evolve from here.

Yesterday Kids by the Valmonts is due out on Friday, April 24th.

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