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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape Featuring Jackie Beverly, Sinead O’Brien, Hilary Woods, Indian Queens, Toy Girl, Barq, Rosie Carney, Lydia Ford, Senu, Saint Sister & more

The Last Mixed Tape runs down its favorite new Irish music from March 2020.

The Last Mixed Tape looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Jackie Beverly, Sinead O’Brien, Hilary Woods, Indian Queens, Toy Girl, Barq, Rosie Carney, Lydian Ford, Senu, Saint Sister & more.

Toy Girl – Moonlight Velvet
Toy Girl’s sophomore release ‘Moonlight Velvet’ is a serene journey through a harmonically lush alt-pop sound that glistens laid back textural depth.

Saint Sister – Dynamite
Saint Sister return with the delicate widescreen sound of ‘Dynamite’, adding a vivid openess to their intricate music the duo’s latest offering is simply sublime.

BARQ – Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)
‘Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)’ marks the return of BARQ with a neon-shimmer blend of punkish funk and R&B densely populated by hooks and beats.

Kyoto Love Hotel – I Float
There’s an expansive soundscape at the heart of Kyoto Love Hotel’s ‘I Float’, a track with a far-recahing sound juxtaposed by an intiamte softly conveyed vocal.

Flecks – You Bet I Would
A driving synthwave backdrop passes by with the forward moving sound of Flecks brand new single ‘You Bet I Would’, a highly-stylised and engrossing listen.

Hilary Woods – The Mouth
From the buzzing open bars to the ominous scrathcing of strings to the pounding rhythm, Hilarty Woods’ ‘The Mouth’ is yet another indication of how affecting Woods’ forthcoming album Birthmarks will be.

Brigid Mae Power – On A City Night
Set to a panoramic alt-country sound, Brigid Mae Power’s ‘On A City Night’ is filled with stacked harmonies, twanging guitars and a engrossing lead vocal that culminate in a serene new offering from the songwriter.

Aoife Carton – Lay My Cards Down
A tumbling folk track, the handmade feel of Aoife Carton’s ‘Lay My Cards Down’ makes for an inviting listen as Carton weaves her story.

Senu featuring Jamel Franklin – Jetlag 6
Set to a backdrop of contorting atmospherics and texturally lush beats, Senu’s latest offering finds the artist collaborating with Jamel Franklin on a song that just oozes high stylisation and flair.

Bantum – Gully
As sonically deep as it is wide, Bantum’s return offering ‘Gully’ is a multi-layered work that rides an emotive wave from start to finish via some sublime synth soundscapes.

Rosie Carney – when i look at you
Rosie Carney makes her returns with the breath-taking and delicate sound ‘when i look at you’. The type of song that draws you in with a whisper.

Blood Donor – Bienvenue
A vivid indie-pop sound fills the spectrum on Blood Donor’s debut single ‘Bienvenue’ as the music jangles, bounces and spins sonically.

Sinead O’Brien – Fall With Me
A inventive and captivating as ever. Punk-poet Sinead O’Brien’s ‘Fall With Me’ finds O’Brien delivering angular words that collide against jolting beats with an agit-pop fury and percision.

Sister Ghost – Bruised Fruit
‘Bruised Fruit’ is a short sharp shock from Sister Ghost that captures the raw, pin-point punk of the group’s music within a song that pushes outward with fustration.

Columbia Mills – You’re Not The Answer
Big ambitious alt-rock with icy landscapes and distant drum beat characterize Columbia Mills new single ‘You’re Not The Answer’.

Jack Rua – Curious
Pop that swings for the fences, the electro-pop milieu of Jack Rua’s ‘Curious’ makes for a refreshingly ambtious take on the genre that fills every moment with a hook.

Lux Alma – The Shadow
Serene stark minimalist electronic soundscape echoes outwards with ominous and brooding vocals that occupy the foreground of Lux Alma’s ‘The Shadow’.

Jackie Beverly – Sweet Goodbye
Jackie Beverly’s fourth single ‘Sweet Goodbye’ is awash with emotively driven vocal twists, intricate harmonies, and a vivid production populated by sonically rich textural pops and clicks.

Lydia Ford – Tell Me
‘Tell Me’ marks Lydia Ford’s return with a vibrant alt-pop sound made all the more engrossing by Ford’s vocal that floats above an expansive backdrop of spacious synths.

Blake’s Fortune – Searcher
A weighty indie-folk track, ‘Searcher’ by Blake’s Fortune patiently weaves its spell via an atmospheric and darkly lit production and pointed vocal.

All Tvvins – Hope It Don’t
Cast against an ambitious backdrop of deep bass lines, swirling synths and building beats, ‘Hope It Don’t’ finds All Tvvins delivering a driving pop track that compells you to travel further into it.

Loraine Club – Disco Biscuits
Set to a dreamlike funk beat, Loraine Club’s ‘Disco Biscuits’ is a sublime track that melds layer upon layer of hooks to a song that begs repeating.

Indian Queens – Shoot For Sexy
A shuddering indie track that flows from ominous guitar, tumbling beats and a soaring vocal, Indian Queens textural dense single ‘Shoot For Sexy’ makes a hypnotic listen.

JyellowL – On The Estate
A take no prisoners track, JyellowL’s ‘On The Estate’ captures the sound of a city with quick snap lyrics, a beat that follows it move for move and a production that buzzes.

Imploded View – Don’t Know What To Call This Feeling
A tightly woven track that locks in with the beat, hooks and widescreen production, Imploded View’s ‘Don’t Know What To Call This Feeling’ is joyously infectious.

MeasTú – Saol
Occupied by a sprawling ambience and punctauted with long held piano lines, the cinematic scope of MeasTú’s first offering ‘Saol’ builds as the flow of texture that underlines the music becomes awash with atmosphere.

Zapho – Fight Me
Zapho’s ‘Fight Me’ is a harmonically lush offering that moves to an effortlessly slick beat.

April – New Conditions
April’s sophomore single ‘New Conditions’ takes a texturally soothing vibe serenely woven around sublime harmonies, emotionally affecting songwriting and a beat that pops and clicks with depthful sounds.

Uly – Cold Water
A simply gorgeous track, ‘Cold Water’ finds Uly weaving a deftly settled music that is performed with a whisper that draws you in closer with each listen.

Naoise Roo – Sick Girlfriend
Set to a driving rhythm, the ominous and tense sound of Naoise Roo’s ‘Sick Girlfriend’ creates a piece of brooding, stark music that fully captures Roo’s raw, bare-boned songwriting.

Boku – Vermilion
Boku’s ‘Vermilion’ instantly bursts out of the speakers with a beat that builds and builds into a lush soundscape that contorts and twists with each passing minute.

Brass Phantoms – Wood Words
A collision of guitars and drums introduces ‘Wood Words’ as Brass Phantoms hone their post-punk leanings into a more expansive, ambitious sound.

The Scratch – Pull Your Jocks Up
Taken from the Scratch’s brand new album Couldn’t Give A Rats, ‘Pull Your Jocks Up’ starts the record off with the group’s signature pulsating sound as the music takes no prisoners.

Saige – Soothe Me
The debut single from Saige, ‘Soothe Me’ is a deeply textural track that contains an ambitious alt-pop sound, sonically vast production and powerful central vocal, making for a compelling introduction to Saige.

Hunting Hall – Dublin London Portland
Hunting Hall’s tidal shift on ‘Dublin London Portland’ moves to a rich synth-pop backdrop that switches and changes to an expressive, dynamic vocal that drives the music forward.

Autre Monde – The Operator
This slow-motion glistening jangle-pop ballad is one of many hightlights from Autre Monde’s stellar debut album The Imaginary Museum (read TLMT’s full review – here).

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