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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From April, Naoise Roo, Uly, Boku, Brass Phantoms, the Scratch, Hunting Hall & Saige

The Last Mixed Tape picks out its favorite tracks from the past week in Irish music.

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by April, Naoise Roo, Uly, Boku, Brass Phantoms, the Scratch, Hunting Hall & Saige.

April – New Conditions
April’s sophomore single ‘New Conditions’ takes a texturally soothing vibe serenely woven around sublime harmonies, emotionally affecting songwriting and a beat that pops and clicks with depthful sounds.

Naoise Roo – Sick Girlfriend
Set to a driving rhythm, the ominous and tense sound of Naoise Roo’s ‘Sick Girlfriend’ creates a piece of brooding, stark music that fully captures Roo’s raw, bare-boned songwriting.

Uly – Cold Water
A simply gorgeous track, ‘Cold Water’ finds Uly weaving a deftly settled music that is performed with a whisper that draws you in closer with each listen.

Boku – Vermilion
Boku’s ‘Vermilion’ instantly bursts out of the speakers with a beat that builds and builds into a lush soundscape that contorts and twists with each passing minute.

Brass Phantoms – Wood Words
A collision of guitars and drums introduces ‘Wood Words’ as Brass Phantoms hone their post-punk leanings into a more expansive, ambitious sound.

The Scratch – Pull Your Jocks Up
Taken from the Scratch’s brand new album Couldn’t Give A Rats, ‘Pull Your Jocks Up’ starts the record off with the group’s signature pulsating sound as the music takes no prisoners.

Saige – Soothe Me
The debut single from Saige, ‘Soothe Me’ is a deeply textural track that contains an ambitious alt-pop sound, sonically vast production and powerful central vocal, making for a compelling introduction to Saige.

Hunting Hall – Dublin London Portland
Hunting Hall’s tidal shift on ‘Dublin London Portland’ moves to a rich synth-pop backdrop that switches and changes to an expressive, dynamic vocal that drives the music forward.

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