TLMT's The Week Featuring New Music From Jackie Beverly, Lydia Ford, Blake's Fortune, Loraine Club, All Tvvins, Indian Queens, JyellowL, Imploded View, MeasTú & Zapho

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Jackie Beverly, Lydia Ford, Blake’s Fortune, Loraine Club, All Tvvins, Indian Queens, JyellowL, Imploded View, MeasTú & Zapho.

Jackie Beverly – Sweet Goodbye
Jackie Beverly’s fourth single ‘Sweet Goodbye’ is awash with emotively driven vocal twists, intricate harmonies, and a vivid production populated by sonically rich textural pops and clicks.

Lydia Ford – Tell Me
‘Tell Me’ marks Lydia Ford’s return with a vibrant alt-pop sound made all the more engrossing by Ford’s vocal that floats above an expansive backdrop of spacious synths.

Blake’s Fortune – Searcher
A weighty indie-folk track, ‘Searcher’ by Blake’s Fortune patiently weaves its spell via an atmospheric and darkly lit production and pointed vocal.

Loraine Club – Disco Biscuits
Set to a dreamlike funk beat, Loraine Club’s ‘Disco Biscuits’ is a sublime track that melds layer upon layer of hooks to a song that begs repeating.

All Tvvins – Hope It Don’t
Cast against an ambitious backdrop of deep bass lines, swirling synths and building beats, ‘Hope It Don’t’ finds All Tvvins delivering a driving pop track that compells you to travel further into it.

Indian Queens – Shoot For Sexy
A shuddering indie track that flows from ominous guitar, tumbling beats and a soaring vocal, Indian Queens textural dense single ‘Shoot For Sexy’ makes a hypnotic listen.

JyellowL – On The Estate
A take no prisoners track, JyellowL’s ‘On The Estate’ captures the sound of a city with quick snap lyrics, a beat that follows it move for move and a production that buzzes.

Imploded View – Don’t Know What To Call This Feeling
A tightly woven track that locks in with the beat, hooks and widescreen production, Imploded View’s ‘Don’t Know What To Call This Feeling’ is joyously infectious.

MeasTú – Saol
Occupied by a sprawling ambience and punctauted with long held piano lines, the cinematic scope of MeasTú’s first offering ‘Saol’ builds as the flow of texture that underlines the music becomes awash with atmosphere.

Zapho – Fight Me
Zapho’s ‘Fight Me’ is a harmonically lush offering that moves to an effortlessly slick beat

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