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Premiere | Check out the lush widescreen alt-pop of Jackie Beverly's new single 'Sweet Goodbye'

Jackie Beverly's new single 'Sweet Goodbye' gets its exclusive premiere on the Last Mixed Tape.

Check out the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive premiere of Jackie Beverly’s new single ‘Sweet Goodbye’.

Jackie Beverly makes her return with the highly-stylized widescreen alt-pop of ‘Sweet Goodbye’. A stunning realization of the foundations laid in the artist’s previous offerings, ‘Sweet Goodbye’ is awash with emotively driven vocal twists, intricate harmonies, and a vivid production populated by sonically rich textural pops and clicks.

In the space of four tracks, Jackie Beverly has evolved into an artist with a defined sense of self, with each new song building on what has come before and Beverly’s powerful songwriting remaining deep at the core. Add to this the all-encompassing lush sound of ‘Sweet Goodbye’ and we find Jackie Beverly expanding on an already expansive sound.

Jackie Beverly will play a rescheduled SOLD OUT show upstairs in Whelan’s on Friday, September 25th.

Sweet Goodbye‘ by Jackie Beverly is out this Friday, March 20th. Photo credit: Ciaran O’Brien.

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