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Collective Film's capture the fury and repose behind Dogrel in Fontaines D.C. Documentary 'Sold For Parts'

Brand new Fontaines D.C. documentary Sold For Parts goes behind the scenes on the band's debut album Dogrel

A brand new documentary has come out on the making of Fontaines D.C. seminal debut album Dogrel.

Entitled Sold For Parts, the twenty five minute short made by Collective Films documents Fontaines D.C. as they write, record and release their critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize nominated first album Dogrel (read The Last Mixed Tape’s full review of the album – here)

An insightful documentary, Sold For Parts peels back the curtain on the origins on of one of the most impactful Irish bands in recent memory and one of the great Irish albums Dogrel, showcasing the poetry, fury and precision that fuels the group’s captivating music via raw live footage and moments of repose and reflection.

Check out Collective Film’s documentary on Fontaines D.C. Sold For Parts below.

Directors: Greg M Purcell & Mark Logan
Directors of Photography: Greg M Purcell, Mark Logan, Kenneth Adams, Cormac Dunne
Producer: Paul Walsh
Sound Editor: Jack O’Donoghue
Edited by COLLECTIVE Films

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