TLMT's The Week Featuring Toy Girl, Saint Sister, BARQ, Kyoto Love Hotel, Flecks, Hilary Woods, Brigid Mae Power & Aoife Carton

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Toy Girl, Saint Sister, BARQ, Kyoto Love Hotel, Flecks, Hilary Woods, Brigid Mae Power & Aoife Carton.

Toy Girl – Moonlight Velvet
Toy Girl’s sophomore release ‘Moonlight Velvet’ is a serene journey through a harmonically lush alt-pop sound that glistens laid back textural depth.

Saint Sister – Dynamite
Saint Sister return with the delicate widescreen sound of ‘Dynamite’, adding a vivid openess to their intricate music the duo’s latest offering is simply sublime.

BARQ – Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)
‘Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)’ marks the return of BARQ with a neon-shimmer blend of punkish funk and R&B densely populated by hooks and beats.

Kyoto Love Hotel – I Float
There’s an expansive soundscape at the heart of Kyoto Love Hotel’s ‘I Float’, a track with a far-recahing sound juxtaposed by an intiamte softly conveyed vocal.

Flecks – You Bet I Would
A driving synthwave backdrop passes by with the forward moving sound of Flecks brand new single ‘You Bet I Would’, a highly-stylised and engrossing listen.

Hilary Woods – The Mouth
From the buzzing open bars to the ominous scrathcing of strings to the pounding rhythm, Hilarty Woods’ ‘The Mouth’ is yet another indication of how affecting Woods’ forthcoming album Birthmarks will be.

Brigid Mae Power – On A City Night
Set to a panoramic alt-country sound, Brigid Mae Power’s ‘On A City Night’ is filled with stacked harmonies, twanging guitars and a engrossing lead vocal that culminate in a serene new offering from the songwriter.

Aoife Carton – Lay My Cards Down
A tumbling folk track, the handmade feel of Aoife Carton’s ‘Lay My Cards Down’ makes for an inviting listen as Carton weaves her story.

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