TLMT's The Week Featuring Siights, Joey Gavin, Ghostking Is Dead, Modernlove, Roe, Selk, Robert John Ardiff & JyellowL X Mac Irv

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Siights, Joey Gavin, Ghostking Is Dead, Modernlove, Roe, Selk, Robert John Ardiff & JyellowL X Mac Irv.

Siights – Better Now
Siight’s highly-stylized offering ‘Better Now’ finds the duo moving their sound into sonic statement making pop that has a depth and sheen to it.

Joey Gavin – Spellchecker
Joey Gavin returns with the deftly set sound of ‘Spellchecker’ a lingering indie track that draws you closer in via Gavin’s hushed vocal and guitar weaving.

Ghostking Is Dead – Separation
The dramatic, compelling and multi texture warped sound of Ghostking Is Dead’s ‘Separation’ is yet another sign of the artist singular sound growing outwards.

Modernlove. – Hard To Tell You.
Jumping out of the speaking with vivid precision the driving pop of ‘Hard To Tell You’ has an enthralling energy to it that is simply infectious to listen to.

Roe – Look Who’s On TV
‘Look Who’s On TV’ marks the return of Roe with a heartfelt track that surrounds Roe’s deeply personal songwriting in a production that twists and turns with hooks and jumps.

Selk – Moments
The intimate to widescreen shift of Selk’s latest offering ‘Moments’, featuring orchestration from Javier Navarrete, has an emotionally wrought weight to it that pulls you in via an enchanting central performance from Selk.

Robert John Ardiff – Evie
The sharp cornered dynamics of ‘Evie’ finds Robert John Ardiff move his sound into sonically heftier territory as the track ebbs and flows with a forward motion indie energy that opens and closes with great effect.

JyellowL X Mac Irv – No Rivals
The quick snap stuttered beat of ‘No Rivals’ finds JyellowL and Mac Irv delivering a hip-hop sound against a strong unrelenting backbone.

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