TLMT's Monthly Mixed-Tape featuring Vernon Jane, Inhaler, Tim Chadwick, Anamoe Drive, Alex Gough, Lilla Vargen, Eve Belle & more

The Last Mixed Tape looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Vernon Jane, Inhaler, Tim Chadwick, Anamoe Drive, Alex Gough, Eve Belle & more.

Vernon Jane – Daddy Issues
Wasting little time, Vernon Jane’s pulsating new single ‘Daddy Issues’ is our first glimpse into the group’s upcoming debut The Ritual Of Love Making (due out on April 3rd) and serves as a raucous unrestrained work of cathartic expression.

CYNEMA – Radio Love
Set to a deeply layered synth-pop backdrop, CYNEMA’s ‘Radio Love’ has cinematic quality that merges with the pulsing beat, building electronic production and affected vocals.

Aimeé – Don’t Call Me Pretty
Ambitious pop from rising one-to-watch Aimée, ‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’ swings for the fences as it throws hook after hook at the listener with intricate precision.

Alex Gough – Fool
The quick snap delivery, scatter shot beat and central hook of Alex Gough’s ‘Fool’ makes for an instant ear-worm that, coupled with its under three minute running time, will lead to multiple repeat plays.

Somebody’s Child – Love That Sound
A smooth indie-pop sound runs right through Somebody’s Child latest release ‘Love That Sound’ melding jangled funk guitars with big sing-a-long choruses.

David Keenan – Good Old Days
Taken from David Keenan’s seminal debut A Beginner’s Guide To Bravery (read TLMT’s full album review – here), ‘Good Old Days’ moves to an ominous slow-burning build as Keenan’s lyrical weaving paints pictures.

Orla Gartland – Heavy
A reverb soaked ballad awash with texture, Orla Gartland’s ‘Heavy’ is deep sounding offering that encapsulates the emotion behind the music in both its production and performance.

Ghostking Is Dead – Palm Tree
A stunningly vivid beat against a grounded pointed vocal, Ghostking Is Dead’s bedroom-pop sound mirrors the lyrical movement between climate change, the renting crisis and fear of the future via sublte but clear imagery.

Callum Orr – You Are A Place I Used To Live
The lead single from Callum Orr’s forthcoming Cathy & Places E.P. (due out on January 24th), ‘You Are A Place I Used To Live’ is a delicately played track that weaves through intricate songwriting and deftly woven melodies that intertwine beneath Orr’s softly portrayed vocal.

Lisa Lambe – Tiny Devotions
An gently set folk track that builds to a melodically and harmonically rich closing, Lisa Lambe’s ‘Tiny Devotions’ is handcrafted track filled with intimacy and mood.

Tim Chadwick – Sore Thumb
A stunningly vibrant beat emanates from Tim Chadwick’s latest alt-pop offering with a choruses that jumps out with an intricate beat that juxtaposes the captivating central vocal that moves with emotion.

Hilary Woods – Tongues Of A Wild Boar
Hilary Woods returns with the ominous pounding beat of ‘Tongues Of A Wild Boar’, a brooding track that leaves a mark and gives us our first glimpse into her upcoming LP Birthmarks.

May Rosa – Before I Knew (Summer)
Drenched in synth-wave soundscapes, May Rosa’s latest offering ‘Before I Knew (Summer)’ has a widescreen pop aesthetic that plays into the enchanting central performance.

Anamoe Drive – Goodbye & Goodluck
A brand new solo project from Thumper’s Oisín Furlong, Anamoe Drive’s sound takes shape with the gently set atmosphere of ‘Goodbye & Goodluck’ that plays with abstract indie-folk vibes that flow with serene patience.

Tropolis – Oceans Away
Steeped in heavy alt-pop textures, Tropolis debut single ‘Oceans Away’ has an intricate depth to its overarching sound that pulls you in with each added layer.

Inhaler – We Have To Move On
Set to propellant beat, sprawling synth backdrop and an enthralling vocal that waves around the band’s building dynamic sound, Inhaler’s new track ‘We Have To Move On’ is their best yet.

Eve Belle – Smithereens
One half of a double single release, ‘Smithereens’ once again outlines the growing promise of Eve Belle with a pin-point pop song that soaked in big chorus melodies and a myriad of hooks.

happyalone. – i need more than drugs (just get me through the night)
A sonically warping sound can be found at the heart of happyalone’s ‘i need more than drugs’, as the group continue to definie their own music through a rich melding of genres.

Gaptoof + Kean Kavangh – Dean Street
An hypnotic lo-fi R&B atmosphere just flows from Gaptoof and Kean Kavanagh’s ‘Dean Street’ as the pair paint a captivating sonic portrait.

Ciaran Lavery – Can I Begin Again
From it’s sharp-edged guitar line, statement making beat and gravelly vocal, Ciaran Lavery’s ‘Can I Begin Again’ marks a stark sonic sea-change for the artist.

Toshín – Knock Knock
A mood-driven track, Toshín’s ‘Knock Knock’ blends a vivid backdrop of stop-start beats, intricate rhythm and lush harmony behind a powerful vocal.

Columbia Mills – Understand
Set to a swirling hefty beat, Columbia Mills latest offering ‘Understand’ has a sound that plays with contrasting depth of field and a strong sense of textural mood within the music.

Moon Looks On – Friends Keep Dropping
An intimate and atmospherically washing new track from Moon Looks On, the indie-folk sound of ‘Friends Keep Dropping’ is a multi-layered melding of sound and meaning.

Lilla Vargen – Cold
Awash with mood-driven soundscapes, the space and sound of Lilla Vargen’s ‘Cold’ are breathtaking as the deep production weaves itself around Vargen’s enthralling and dynamic vocal performance.

Odd Morris – Cold Water
A song filled with sharp-cornered beats, rigged jangled guitars and a juxtaposing vocal that floats above it all, Odd Morris’ ‘Cold Water’ is a captivating mood piece that drives from beginning to end.

Hare Squead – Minor Gangsters (Gully)
A melting pot of sound, the abstract beats and quick change backdrop of ‘Minor Gangsters (Gully)’ finds Hare Squead making a sound with layer upon layer of sonically dense sounds.

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