TLMT’s The Week featuring new music from St. Bishop, Laura Elizabeth Hughes, Naoise Roo, Milk, Skinner, Havvk, Siights, Uly & Zali

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by St. Bishop, Laura Elizabeth Hughes, Naoise Roo, Milk, Skinner, Havvk, Siights, Uly & Zali.

St. Bishop – Sleep It Off
A giant leap forward in style and sound, ‘Sleep It Off’ finds St. Bishop providing a fully-realized take on his ambitious alt-pop music with a track that’s set to a full-bodied beat the pulls back in the verses and opens up during the ambitious choruses.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – For You (Home)
There’s a clear depth of field to the music of Laura Elizabeth Hughes, wrapped around alt-pop production and songwriting Hughes latest single ‘For You (Home)’ has ambition and intimacy.

Naoise Roo – Falling Stars
Drenched in mood and a brooding undercurrent, Naoise Roo’s ‘Falling Stars’ has a palpable sense of weight to it as Roo weaves an intricate, slow-burning sound around a patient but pointed vocal.

Milk. – A Little More
Set against a glistening backdrop, Milk’s ‘A Little More’ is a texturally deep alt-pop offering that is soaked in a ambitious far-reaching sound and production.

Skinner – My Brain Is Goo
Played out on top of a tense wash of scratching sounds, Skinner’s ‘My Brain Is Goo’ has a knife-edge sound that has a intensity to it which makes for a compelling track melded with several genre flourishes.

Havvk – Operate
Taken from Havvk’s debut record Cause & Effect, ‘Operate’ the strong backbone and texturally intricate foreground that forms the propellant core of the band’s striking alt-rock music.

Siights – One More
A shimmering alt-pop ballad set to a vivid beat that fills the spectrum with forward-moving pops and clicks beneath vocals that portray the emotional core of the song itself.

Uly – That’s No Way To Fly
A dreamlike track put through the hazey D.I.Y aesthetic of lo-fi grain and grit, the serene sound of Uly’s ‘That’s No Way To Fly’ is a truly enchanting journey to take into a welcoming soundscape.

Zali – That Girl
A vibrant R&B infused beat pulses behind Zali’s latest offering ‘That Girl’ supporting vocal that cuts through the production with clarity and soul.

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