TLMT’s The Week featuring new music from Biig Piig, Villagers, Chanele McGuinness, Columbia Mills, Nnic and Soda Blonde.

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Biig Piig, Villagers, Chanele McGuinness, Columbia Mills, Nnic and Soda Blonde.

Biig Piig – Pingu
Taken from Biig Piig’s new E.P. No Place For Patience Vol. 3, ‘Pingu’ is a song soaked in mood and a slow-motion laid-back beat that sit behind Biig Piig’s serene vocal that draws you closer with each softly woven word.

Villagers – Adora Venera
Awash with texturally and harmonically lush sounds, the backdrop to ‘Adora Venera’ coupled with Conor O’Brien’s hushed vocal is a thing of beauty.

Chanele McGuinness – Such A Good Thing
A subtle ballad dripping with isolated atmosphere, ‘Such A Good Thing’ is a raw offering from Chanele McGuinness that showcases her deft turn of phrase and beguiling vocal.

Columbia Mills – Who Am I Supposed To Talk To Now?
Marrying their driving alt-rock backbone with the group’s atmospherically heavy sound, the expansive push and pull of Columbia Mills’ ‘Who Am I Supposed To Talk To Now?’ is a compelling one.

Nnic – The Place (acoustic version)
Stripped back and filled with emotion, Nnic’s acoustic rendition of ‘The Place’ pushes both the songwriting and the vocal to the front with striking results.

Soda Blonde – Don’t Mind Them
A lush offering from Soda Blonde’s new E.P. Terrible Hands, ‘Don’t Mind Them’ moves with a synth-pop slickness that carries the emotion and meaning behind the music.

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