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TLMT’s The Week featuring Pillow Queens, Modernlove, Melina Malone, Odd Morris, Kid Karate, Elaine Mai & Sir Bobby Jukebox

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Pillow Queens, Modernlove, Melina Malone, Odd Morris, Kid Karate, Elaine Mai & Sir Bobby Jukebox.

Pillow Queens – Brothers
Pillow Queens return with the sonically and lyrically moving new offering ‘Brothers’ which takes shape through the strong ebb and flow between the verses and choruses.

Modernlove. – Liquorice
Rhythmically and melodically lush, the ambitious synth-pop of Moderlove’s latest single ‘Liquorice’ is an infectious listen from start to finish.

Melina Malone – Now Or Never
The debut offering from Melina Malone, the slow-burning beat of ‘Now Or Never’ works as the perfect backdrop to Malone’s instantly captivating vocal performance. A very promising start.

Odd Morris – Lilac Leaves
Angular guitars, bone-rattling beats and a precise vocal characterize the post-punk leanings of Odd Morris’ ‘Lilac Leaves’.

Kid Karate – Hate
A to-the-point, no messing around indie-rock banger from Kid Karate, ‘Hate’ is a blistering new track filled with fuzz and frustration.

Elaine Mai – Heartbeat
Elaine Mai makes her return via the sonically suspended sound of ‘Heartbeat’, a song soaked in atmosphere this comeback track is Mai’s most compelling work to date.

Sir Bobby Jukebox – You Only Dance
Sir Bobby Jukebox’s sound is joyously inventive and off-kilter. A deconstructed indie-pop song populated by layer upon layer upon layer of jangled sounds.

Follow TLMT’s Monthly Irish Mixed-Tape – here. For more playlists, and mixed-tapes like this one, follow the Last Mixed Tape on Spotify.


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