TLMT’s The Week featuring Lydia Ford, Sister Ghost, Jape, Aoife Nessa Frances, Soda Blonde, Sinead O’Brien, Maria Kelly & A. Smyth

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Lydia Ford, Sister Ghost, Jape, Aoife Nessa Frances, Soda Blonde, Sinead O’Brien, Maria Kelly, and A. Smyth.

Lydia Ford – IDWBYGF
A multi-layered, lush sounding new offering from Lydia Ford, ‘IDWBYGF’ is a swing for the fences pop track set to a moving beat and populated by an array of hooks, shimmering synths and big sing-a-long choruses.

Sister Ghost – Fake Friends Run This Country
A short sharp shock of a track, ‘Fake Friends Run This Country’ encapsulates frustration and fury in equal measure through Sister Ghost’s thrashing, urgent punk sound.

Jape – Sentinel
Jape makes his return with the deep washing textures and indie-folk flourishes of ‘Sentinel’ a serene slice of sprawling mood-driven songwriting through a production with a strong depth of field.

Aoife Nessa Frances – Blow Up
Soaked in atmosphere, Aoife Nessa Frances’ ‘Blow Up’ has a hazy, hypnotic sound to it punctuated by beautifully set orchestration and a enchanting central vocal performance.

Soda Blonde – Terrible Hands
From its beguiling vocal to the lush sound of ‘Terrible Hands’ Soda Blonde’s latest offering covers the spectrum with a music that is dynamically, melodically and rhythmically rich.

Maria Kelly – i leave early
Maria Kelly returns with the open rawness of ‘i leave early’. Led along by Kelly’s characteristically unflinchingly honest songwriting, a soft-spoken vocal that conveys the track’s lyrical fragility and an over-arching texturally deep sound.

Sinead O’Brien – Limbo
Sinead O’Brien is a truly unique and interesting prospect with her latest offering ‘Limbo’ finding the post-punk-poet delivering a frantic performance that has edges and corners that sharply cut into and over one another.

A. Smyth – Hero
Set to against a steadily building backdrop, A. Smyth’s ‘Hero’ is a song that floats along on top of a strong beat, fuzzing guitars lines and a tranquil vocal performance.

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