TLMT’s The Week featuring the Wha, Elkin, Mango X Mathman ft. Lisa Hannigan, Lilla Vargen, Sive & Happyalone

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by the Wha, Elkin, Mango X Mathman ft. Lisa Hannigan, Lilla Vargen, Sive & Happyalone.

The Wha – 40 Odd Years
A full-on indie gem in the making, the continued evolution of the Wha finds the band releasing the jangled bang and clatter of ’40 Odd Years’, a track brimming to the top with interlocking sharp-edged guitars and laissez-faire vocals that drift from verse to chorus with ease.

Elkin – DIY
‘DIY’ is a neon soaked offering from Elkin that pulses with a tense beat that evolves into a collage of synth lines that ebb and flow dynamically behind lush interlocking vocal weaving that pull you deeper and deeper into the track brilliant and highly-stylized sound.

Mango X Mathman featuring Lisa Hannigan – Deep Blue
Marking a sure footed sonic sea change from Mango X Mathman, ‘Deep Blue’ is an expansive offering from the duo as meld their urgent fast-moving sound with the serene vocal of Lisa Hannigan is a compelling way.

Lilla Vargen – Solitary
A gently textural ballad, ‘Solitary’ rests on a beautiful undercurrent of stark soundscapes as Vargen’s softly weaving vocal takes centre stage with heart-wrenching effect.

Sive – Oh Mother
Sive returns with sharp-edged indie-folk of ‘Oh Mother’. Set to jolting beat and persistent guitar line the song is a tense track that has bite to it, conveyed in Sive’s pointed vocal.

Happyalone – L U C I F E R
A sonically contorting offering from Happyalone meld a myriad of genres into ‘L U C I F E R’ resulting in a track that has an instantly individualistic sound that pops and clicks with invention.

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