TLMT’s The Week featuring Maija Sofia, Dowry, Autre Monde, David Keenan, Reevah, Biig Piig & the Clockworks

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Maija Sofia, Dowry, Autre Monde, David Keenan, Reevah, Biig Piig & the Clockworks.

Maija Sofia – The Glitter
A deftly woven atmosphere wraps itself around the music of Maija Sofia with the sound of ‘The Glitter’ taking shape through obscured violin melodies, jangled but subdued guitars and an poignant vocals.

Dowry – Numb
Set to a stark indie-folk sound, the ominous swaying sound of ‘Numb’ finds Dowry creating a world of tense strings, reverberant vocals and heavy piano chords that entangle themselves around her enigmatic lyrics.

Autre Monde – On The Record
Set to a crunching indie-pop sound, Aurtre Monde’s sharp suited new single ‘On The Record’ moves to a pulse through hooks, infectious choruses and sax solos, as the production swings for the fences.

David Keenan – Altar Wine
A dense, entangled sound emanates from the ‘Alter Wine’ as David Keenan weaves a striking vocal that mirrors the weighty themes with the right emotive dynamic as the song builds and builds in intensity.

Biig Piig – Roses and Gold
Set to a smooth, lo-fi R&B sound, ‘Roses and Gold’ is a melting pot of pin point beats as Biig Piig delivers an instantly captivating but laid back vocal that draws you in.

Reevah – Older Now
A swaying alt-country production lies at the heart of Reevah’s ‘Older Now’ as the songwriting and the music support one another with strong flourishes of melodic subtlety.

The Clockworks – Bills and Pills
An intricate and driving slice of indie-rock, ‘Bills and Pills’ portrays an urgency to the music of the Clockworks born under frustration and fury.

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