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Q&A | Pulled Apart By Horses talk to TLMT ahead of their Workman’s Club show

Pulled Apart By Horses recently took the time to talk to the Last Mixed Tape about their upcoming fifth album, inspirations and future plans.

Pulled Apart By Horses will come to Dublin this month, playing the Workman’s Club on October 11th. The band recently took the time to talk to the Last Mixed Tape about their upcoming fifth album, inspirations and future plans.

What’s the last record you bought?
That would be Thom Yorke’s most recent album ‘Anima’. Bought the shiny collectors boxset on vinyl.

What’s the last song you played on Spotify?
Floating Points recent single ‘LesAplx’

What is inspiring your music at the moment?
Getting quite inspired by 70’s guitar music at the moment. Been listening to a lot of Neil Young in the van on tour, mainly ‘After The Goldrush’. Revisiting it again after not listening to it since my hazy days at university. Also been finding inspiration from going out to gigs a bit more. Went to see Battles in Leeds last month and was completely blown away by their performance (as usual).

How is recording/writing for your fifth album going?
Very well right now. Took a wee bit of time to find our feet, but once we do, we find a good stride and before we know it we’re off and away. Still room for a few more writing sessions, but we’re getting closer every day now. Exciting to be still doing what we do, but mad to be hitting album five!

What can people expect from your upcoming headline show here in Dublin?
A lot of adrenaline and well played in new material/tunes. It’s the last date of the tour and we’ve been trying out some new material on this one. So by that point, I’d like to think we’ll be pretty bloody solid. Oh, and of course we’ll be throwing in a few golden oldies for good measure. We’ve not been to Ireland for years and with it being the final show of the tour, I reckon we might be up for a drink or two afterward.

What are your plans for 2019?
Finishing up the tour and then heading straight into the studio. That’s been the plan for a few months now. We’re gonna go straight in with what we’ve got so far and see what happens…

Tickets to see Pulled Apart By Horses live at the Workman’s Club in Dublin are priced at €16.50 and are on sale now via

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