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TLMT’s The Week featuring Just Mustard, New Pagans, Havvk, Girl Band, Slaney, Sacred Animals, Caoilian Sherlock, Super Silly & Chanele McGuinness

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Just Mustard, New Pagans, Havvk, Girl Band, Slaney, Sacred Animals, Caoilian Sherlock, Super Silly & Chanele McGuinness.

New Pagans – Charlie Has The Face Of A Saint
The Mixed-Tape: New Pagans return with the angular alt-rock of ‘Charlie Has The Face Of A Saint’, a song fueled by a pounding beat, dynamic guitar lines and a vocal that portrays the frustration and malaise through the peaks and troughs of the song itself.

Just Mustard – Seven
The ongoing metamorphosis of Just Mustard arises once more in the shape of the viscerally contorting sound of ‘Seven’ as the band use the clashing soaring atmospheric vocals and brooding underbelly of their music to outstanding effect against a crisp production that gives added power to their overall sound.

Slaney – 83
A big, bright vivid slice of indie-pop Slaney’s ’83’ is a refreshing listen that weaves rhythmically rich beats and shimmering guitar lines into a vibrant mix of sounds.

Sacred Animals – Mono
Set to a forward moving backdrop the urgency and serenity that lay at the heart of Sacred Animals’ new single ‘Mono’ makes for a truly compelling listen.

Havvk – 52
Portrayed a tense atmosphere, Havvk’s latest offering comes in the form the of knife-edge and ominous sound of ’52’ that plays with harsh and gentle dynamics throughout.

Girl Band – Salmon of Knowlege
Appearing at the midway point of Girl Band’s stunning sophomore album The Talkies (read TLTM’s full review – here) ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ is a screaming, screeching track that runs the full spectrum of dynamics whilst never losing the in-built sense of foreboding that runs through its parent record.

Caoilian Sherlock – Shades of You
A texturally strong outing, ‘Shades of You’ finds Caoilian Sherlock delving into lo-fi indie-pop with a clarity and ease that makes for an infectious listen from beginning to end.

Super Silly – White Wine
Brimming with sonically twisting beats and melodies, Super Silly’s ‘White Wine’ is thrill to listen to as it changes feel and mood in the blink of an eye.

Chanele McGuinness – Powerless
A subtle and disarmingly raw return from Chanele McGuinness, ‘Powerless’ is cast across a stark minimal canvas that allows the performance and music say it all.

Follow TLMT’s Monthly Irish Mixed-Tape – here. For more playlists, and mixed-tapes like this one, follow the Last Mixed Tape on Spotify.


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