TLMT’s The Week featuring Careerist, the Wha, Lankum, Paddy Mulcahy, Alana Henderson + Jordan Burnside, 1000 Beasts + Elkin, Orla Gartland & Ehco

TLMT adds to its weekly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Careerist, the Wha, Lankum, Paddy Mulcahy, Alana Henderson, 1000 Beasts + Elkin, Orla Gartland & Ehco.

Careerist – Slasher
The Mixed-Tape: “ Careerist, formally Hot Cops, have given their first glimpse into the group’s upcoming album Weird Hill with the brand new single ‘Slasher’, a joyously jangled indie-pop gem that weaves with angular guitar melodies and off-kilter vocal twists.”

The Wha – Innocents
A short sharp firecracker of a track, ‘Innocents’ blends new wave and indie-pop into a melodically rich offering The Wha.

Lankum – Wild Rover
Lankum return with the promise of a new album entitled The Livelong Day and a new single in the form of a haunting re-imaging of ‘Wild Rover’. Tense, sprawling and deeply atmospheric, Lankum’s latest release is a captivating one.

Paddy Mulcahy – How To Disappear
An ambitious, all-encompassing music lies at the heart of Paddy Mulcahy’s ‘How To Disappear’. A song that undulates sonically as it moves from large-scale sounds to intimate pops and clicks.

Alana Henderson featuring Joshua Burnside – On Board
A beautifully set offering from Alana Henderson, ‘On Board’ creates a world of its own through impressionistic lyrics, gently swaying indie-folk production and a texturally deep backdrop that draws you ever closer in to the music.

1000 Beats + Elkin – Fall So Easy
‘Fall So Easy’ finds Elkin and 1000 Beasts collaborating on a heart-wrenching track that carries with it a fully engrossing sound that gradually moves from serene to dynamically washing passages and back again.

Orla Gartland – Did It To Myself
A jolting, harmony-rich sound weaves itself around Orla Gartland’s intricate new single ‘Did It To Myself’. A song that powerfully moves to a strong backbone beat.

Ehco – Cabin (Wish I Coulda)
With a soundscape that covers the sonic spectrum, Ehco’s ‘Cabin (Wish I Coulda)’ builds to a instantly infectious beat and vocal that contrasts the distant textural backdrop with a lush, immediate sound.

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