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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape featuring Girl Band, Tandem Felix, Blushing Boy, Jackie Beverly, Day_S, the Murder Capital, Wallis Bird & many more


TLMT looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland featuring Girl Band, Tandem Felix, Blushing Boy, Jackie Beverly, Day_S, the Murder Capital, Wallis Bird & many more.

PauPedrz-Paulina Pedraza (8 of 24)

Lydia Ford – Lost My Mind
With an abundance of lush synth-pop flourishes at its core, ‘Lost My Mind’ makes for a serene pop gem from Lydia Ford filled with hooks, beats and infectious melody.

Chanele McGuinness & JT Daly – Tangled Love
Set against a deep textural backdrop that screams and howls in the back til quietened by the intertwining vocals and acoustic accompaniment of Chanele McGuinness and JT Daly, the atmospheric-folk of ‘Tangled Love’ is captivating.

Future West – See What I See
The off-kilter, ragged milieu of ‘See What I See’ is an ambitious collage of electronic pops and clicks sat upon a persistent beat and frantic vocals.

Dubh Lee – Virtue
From the big warm jangled acoustic opening to the jolting vocal melody, the handmade folk sound of ‘Virtue’ by Dubh Lee has an undeniable charm to it.

Loraine Club – Bills
A glistening gem that twists and contorts sonically, ‘Bills’ is an instantly infectious offering from Loraine Club that draws you further and further into its world with a sound that plays with genre expectations.

lullahush canal

lullahush – Elysium
The Mixed-Tape:
 There are few artists that have debuted themselves on the Irish music in 2019 with such a singular take or style, but within the spectrum of two singles lullahush has certainly identified himself as a sonic auteur.

Modernlove. – Bop.
An ambitious shuddering alt-pop sound bursts forth from Modernlove’s ‘Bop’ as the band take the standard flourishes and hooks expected of pop music and give them a new vibrant twist resulting in an infectious overall sound.

Soulé, Elaine Mai & Sorcha Richardson – Butterflies
Making for a sublime collaboration from three artists whose individualistic styles meld together in the shape of serene pop gem ‘Butterflies’. Brimming to the top with pin-point harmonies, beats and textures, Soulé, Elaine Mai and Sorcha Richardson create a track that delivers with a sound the represents each artist’s strengths.

Bullet Girl – The Rush
A short, sharp, shock of a track the multi-layered alt-rock of ‘The Rush’ finds Bullet Girl channeling their sound into something more immediate and expansive.

Melts – Seesaw
A sprawling slow-burn through soundscapes of post-punk and psych, ‘Seesaw’ is a brooding offering from Melts with a patient dynamic that builds to a clashing cacophony.

Robert John Ardiff

Robert John Ardiff – Somebody To Love
Somebody To Love’ takes shape through urgent angular guitar lines, relentless beats and reaching vocals, mirroring the uneasy tension of the song’s thematic undercurrent.

Jackie Beverly – Someone Else
The Mixed-Tape:
 Awash with a textural deep backdrop, the serene alt-pop feel of ‘Someone Else’ portrays Jackie Beverly’s emotionally striking songwriting through a prism of an enchanting vocal performance, a minimal yet forward-moving beat, and harmonically rich atmosphere. All of which create a sonic world in and of itself.

Boku – Rise
The first offering from Cork producer Ian Ring’s solo project Boku, ‘Rise’ is a rhythmically rich track that plays with space through heavy low-end beats, percussive pops and clicks, and cutting synth lines on top, making for a compelling debut outing.

Tolu Makay – Ocean
A sonically inviting new track from alt-soul artist Tolu Makay, ‘Ocean’ melds lush interlocking beats and a captivating vocal to create a truly singular sound.

Wallis Bird – Brutal Honesty
An intricately played out offering from Wallis Bird, ‘Brutal Honesty’ takes shape through a weighty drum beat, soaring vocal harmonies and an atmospheric folk production that frames the music with precision.

wallis bird

Kojaque + Luka Palm – Airbnb
A track that fills every second with hook after hook, Kojaque and Luka Palm collaborate on the instant banger ‘Airbnb’, a track to just set on repeat and play.

A Sleeping Giant – Waiting For Fire
From its sprawling soundscape of dense texture to the glistening overcurrent of melody that emerges from it all, ‘Waiting For Fire’ is a highly-stylized melding of intricate electronic sounds juxtaposed by emotive, reaching vocals that introduce A Sleeping Giant as an artist with a deep sense of his own sonic identity.

Girl Band – Going Norway
The Mixed-Tape‘Going Norway’ portrays a more urgent, unrelenting side to its parent record as the music shudders and trudges through washing noise, shattered beats and an unrestrained vocal with a dynamically undulating framework.

The Murder Capital – More Is Less
A short, sharp shock that says more in under three minutes than most do in entire albums, the frustration, subversive lyrics and confrontational sound of the track embodies everything exciting about the Murder Capital as the band howls and growls its way through the song at an unstoppable pace.

Blushing Boy – Consumer 
Cast against a buzzing backdrop of isolating textures, the bone-rattling beats punctuated by angular guitar and brooding vocal performance that dominates the foreground of Blushing Boy’s first offering ‘Consumer’, takes shape with dreamlike neo-Noire indie music that packs a powerful dynamic scope.


Shrug Life – Strangers
Shrug Life returns with the angular indie-pop of ‘Strangers’. A song with sharp-edged guitar lines, jolting beats and intricate lyricism the track perfectly conveys the band’s instant singular sounding music.

Day_S – Honest
Highly-stylised texturally led synth-pop takes centre stage on Day_S’s ‘Honest’ creating a sound where every beat, melody, and word has a weight and pathos to it.

Slyrydes – Out Patience 
Frantic, manic and unrelentingly off-kilter, ‘Out Patience’ is a take no prisoners take on post-punk.

Fox Jaw – Let It Run
The Mixed-Tape: 
Set to a strong rumbling backbone beat, ‘Let It Run’ portrays an intricate dynamically side of Fox Jaw seeped in brooding alt-rock that has a real weight to it as the music moves from tense to hard-hitting with patience that pays off completely.

Tandem Felix – Making Dinner On Valentine’s Day
A sprawling serene indie-folk production lies at the heart of Tandem Felix’s second glimpse into their forthcoming LP, with a track populated by intricate lyricism, weaving slide guitars and glistening background textures.

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