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TLMT’s The Week featuring Girl Band, Blushing Boy, the Murder Capital, Shrug Life, Day_S & Slyrydes

BB colour - Grayce Leonard

TLMT adds to its weekly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Girl Band, Blushing Boy, the Murder Capital, Shrug Life, Day_S and Slyrydes. 


Girl Band – Going Norway
The Mixed-Tape‘Going Norway’ portrays a more urgent, unrelenting side to its parent record as the music shudders and trudges through washing noise, shattered beats and an unrestrained vocal with a dynamically undulating framework.

The Murder Capital – More Is Less
A short, sharp shock that says more in under three minutes than most do in entire albums, the frustration, subversive lyrics and confrontational sound of the track embodies everything exciting about the Murder Capital as the band howls and growls its way through the song at an unstoppable pace.

Blushing Boy – Consumer 
Cast against a buzzing backdrop of isolating textures, the bone-rattling beats punctuated by angular guitar and brooding vocal performance that dominates the foreground of Blushing Boy’s first offering ‘Consumer’, takes shape with dreamlike neo-Noire indie music that packs a powerful dynamic scope.

Shrug Life – Strangers
Shrug Life returns with the angular indie-pop of ‘Strangers’. A song with sharp-edged guitar lines, jolting beats and intricate lyricism the track perfectly conveys the band’s instant singular sounding music.

Day_S – Honest
Highly-stylised texturally led synth-pop takes centre stage on Day_S’s ‘Honest’ creating a sound where every beat, melody and word has a weight and pathos to it.

Slyrydes – Out Patience 
Frantic, manic and unrelentingly off-kilter, ‘Out Patience’ is a take no prisoners take on post-punk.

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