TLMT’s The Week featuring Jackie Beverly, Boku, Tolu Makay, Kojaque + Luka Palm, Wallis Bird & A Sleeping Giant


TLMT adds to its weekly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Jackie Beverly, Boku, Tolu Makay, Kojaque + Luka Palm, Wallis Bird & A Sleeping Giant.

Someone Else - Single artwork

Jackie Beverly – Someone Else
The Mixed-Tape:
Awash with a textural deep backdrop, the serene alt-pop feel of ‘Someone Else’ portrays Jackie Beverly’s emotionally striking songwriting through a prism of an enchanting vocal performance, a minimal yet forward-moving beat, and harmonically rich atmosphere. All of which create a sonic world in and of itself.

Boku – Rise
The first offering from Cork producer Ian Ring’s solo project Boku, ‘Rise’ is a rhythmically rich track that plays with space through heavy low-end beats, percussive pops and clicks, and cutting synth lines on top, making for a compelling debut outing.

Tolu Makay – Ocean
A sonically inviting new track from alt-soul artist Tolu Makay, ‘Ocean’ melds lush interlocking beats and a captivating vocal to create a truly singular sound.

wallis bird.jpg

Wallis Bird – Brutal Honesty
An intricately played out offering from Wallis Bird, ‘Brutal Honesty’ takes shape through a weighty drum beat, soaring vocal harmonies and an atmospheric folk production that frames the music with precision.

Kojaque + Luka Palm – Airbnb
A track that fills every second with hook after hook, Kojaque and Luka Palm collaborate on the instant banger ‘Airbnb’, a track to just set on repeat and play.

A Sleeping Giant – Waiting For Fire
From its sprawling soundscape of dense texture to the glistening overcurrent of melody that emerges from it all, ‘Waiting For Fire’ is a highly-stylized melding of intricate electronic sounds juxtaposed by emotive, reaching vocals that introduce A Sleeping Giant as an artist with a deep sense of his own sonic identity.

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