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Video Premiere | “A song that exudes a frenetic presence” Robert John Ardiff ‘Somebody To Love’

somebody to love

Check out the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive video premiere of ‘Somebody To Love’ by Robert John Ardiff.

Written by Robert John Ardiff for an upcoming series called Modern Love by acclaimed writer/director John Carney (due out via Amazon Prime this October) and dealing with the effect social media obsession is having on society, ‘Somebody To Love’ takes shape through urgent angular guitar lines, relentless beats and reaching vocals, mirroring the uneasy tension of the song’s thematic undercurrent.

A song that exudes a frenetic presence, Robert John Ardiff’s ‘Somebody To Love’ also contains a real indie-pop gem shine to it that makes the song all the more riveting to listen to.

Robert John Ardiff will open for Lisa Hannigan in Coughlan’s Cork on September 28th and has just been announced as part of the Ireland Music Week 2019 line-up this October.

Click below to watch the music video for Robert John Ardiff’s ‘Somebody To Love’ edited by Eoin Heaney from shots taken from Alan Clarke’s ‘Road’. The track is out now via Spotify.

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