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TLMT’s The Week featuring lullahush, Modernlove, Elaine Mai, Soulé, Sorcha Richardson, Robert John Ardiff, Melts & Bullet Girl

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TLMT adds to its weekly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by lullahush, Modern Love, Elaine Mai, Soulé, Sorcha Richardson, Robert John Ardiff, Bullet Girl & Melts. 

lullahush canal

lullahush – Elysium
The Mixed-Tape:
There are few artists that have debuted themselves on the Irish music in 2019 with such a singular take or style, but within the spectrum of two singles lullahush has certainly identified himself as a sonic auteur.

Modernlove. – Bop.
An ambitious shuddering alt-pop sound bursts forth from Modernlove’s ‘Bop’ as the band take the standard flourishes and hooks expected of pop music and give them a new vibrant twist resulting in an infectious overall sound.

Soulé, Elaine Mai & Sorcha Richardson – Butterflies
Making for a sublime collaboration from three artists whose individualistic styles meld together in the shape of serene pop gem ‘Butterflies’. Brimming to the top with pin-point harmonies, beats and textures, Soulé, Elaine Mai and Sorcha Richardson create a track that delivers with a sound the represents each artist’s strengths.

bullet girl

Bullet Girl – The Rush
A short, sharp, shock of a track the multi-layered alt-rock of ‘The Rush’ finds Bullet Girl channelling their sound into something more immediate and expansive.

Melts – Seesaw
A sprawling slow-burn through soundscapes of post-punk and psych, ‘Seesaw’ is a brooding offering from Melts with a patient dynamic that builds to a clashing cacophony.

Robert John Ardiff – Somebody To Love
Somebody To Love’ takes shape through urgent angular guitar lines, relentless beats and reaching vocals, mirroring the uneasy tension of the song’s thematic undercurrent.

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