TLMT’s The Week featuring new music from Lydia Ford, Chanele McGuinness & JT Daly, Future West, Dubh Lee & Loraine Club

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TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Lydia Ford, Chanele McGuinness & JT Daly, Future West, Dubh Lee and Loraine Club.

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Lydia Ford – Lost My Mind
With an abundance of lush synth-pop flourishes at its core, ‘Lost My Mind’ makes for a serene pop gem from Lydia Ford filled with hooks, beats and infectious melody.

Chanele McGuinness & JT Daly – Tangled Love
Set against a deep textural backdrop that screams and howls in the back til quietened by the intertwining vocals and acoustic accompaniment of Chanele McGuinness and JT Daly, the atmospheric-folk of ‘Tangled Love’ is captivating.

Future West – See What I See
The off-kilter, ragged milieu of ‘See What I See’ is an ambitious collage of electronic pops and clicks sat upon a persistent beat and frantic vocals.

dubh lee

Dubh Lee – Virtue
From the big warm jangled acoustic opening to the jolting vocal melody, the handmade folk sound of ‘Virtue’ by Dubh Lee has an undeniable charm to it.

Loraine Club – Bills
A glistening gem that twists and contorts sonically, ‘Bills’ is an instantly infectious offering from Loraine Club that draws you further and further into its world with a sound that plays with genre expectations.

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