TLMT’s The Week featuring Fat Pablo, Wallis Bird, Uly, Sleeping Bears, Squarehead & Bonniesongs

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TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Fat Pablo, Wallis Bird, Uly, Sleeping Bears, Squarehead & Bonniesongs.


Fat Pablo – Ganki
The Mixed-Tape:
Wrapped in tension and expansion, ‘Ganki’ flows effortlessly as Fat Pablo push and pull at the edges of the track’s production with sudden blasts of dynamic fuzzing jumps that punctuate the song.

Wallis Bird – As The River Flows
An intricate meeting of intricate and impactful songwriting, ‘As The River Flows’ finds Wallis Bird portraying urgency and frustration sonically as her words deliver a powerful message on immigration.

Uly – Pak It In
Taken from Uly’s brand new E.P, ‘Pak It In’ is a melds a mellow neo-soul beginning with a vivid rhythmically rich core giving the track a sense of high contrast.

Squarehead (1)

Squarehead – Morning
With their first album in almost six years, entitled Respect, announced, Squarehead returns with the sublime indie-pop lushness of ‘Morning’.

Sleeping Bears featuring Elephant – Hallowed Hill
A textural dense track, the multi-layered sound of ‘Hallowed Hill’ takes the soft soaring vocal of Elephant and wraps it in the heavy electronic beats of Sleeping Bears, working as powerful collaboration.

Bonniesongs – Barabara
Set against a palpable depth of field, isolating atmosphere and tense backdrop, the abstract ‘Barabara’ identifies Bonniesongs music as having an undercurrent of real intrigue.

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