TLMT’s The Week featuring Dermot Kennedy, Soda Blonde, Host, ROE, Hex Hue, the Crayon Set, Cat Turner, Bantum, God Knows, Farah Elle & Ben Bix


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Dermot Kennedy, Soda Blond, Host, ROE, Hex Hue, the Crayon Set, Cat Turner, Bantum, God Knows, Farah Elle & Ben Bix.


Soda Blonde – Swimming Through The Night
The Mixed-TapeSet against a beat that instantly captures the imagination and brought forward by soaring vocal performance, Soda Blonde’s debut single ‘Swimming Through The Night’ is a big sounding ambitious track that establishes the group’s songwriting prowess from the beginning.

Host – Crying For Days
A strong-style slice of dark-wave, ‘Crying For Days’ finds Host delivering a sound that compels you further and further into its multi-layered soundscape.

ROE – Girls
ROE returns with the deeply set alt-pop of ‘Girls’. An infectious blend of electro-pop with a scattered beat that drives the music, ROE’s latest release outlines the songwriter’s deft touch as she celebrates individuality.

Hex Hue – Numbers
Highly-stylized synth-pop characterizes Hex Hue’s debut track ‘Numbers’. Populated by a suspended sense of atmosphere that runs through each beat, texture, and flourish of synthesizer, the production fits perfectly behind a powerfully performed vocal.


Bantum / God Knows / Farah Elle / Ben Bix – Strongest Thing
Undeniable sonic chemistry is at the core of ‘Strongest Thing’ a collaborative meeting of sounds and styles from Bantum, God Knows, Farah Elle & Ben Bix that brings individual characteristics and merges them into singular music.

Dermot Kennedy – Outnumbered
There can be no denying just how captivating Dermot Kennedy’s voice is. Turning on a dime, the emotive weight behind his latest offering ‘Outnumbered’ finds its power in his performance.

The Crayon Set – Summer Song
A vivid pop gem, the soothing sonic milieu of ‘Summer Song’ finds the Crayon Set returning with a track that will be an earworm for many in the coming months.

Cat Turner – Situation 
A dark, heavy, fuzzing backdrop dominates the sound of ‘Situation’ from Cat Turner. Marking a giant leap from Turner sonically, the track is joyously weighty and fraught with tension.

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