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TLMT’s The Week Featuring Saint Sister, Just Mustard, whenyoung, Naoise Roo, Kobina, Katie O’Connor, Bitch Falcon & Nnic

whenyoung reasons to dream review

TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Saint Sister, Just Mustard, whenyoung, Naoise Roo, Kobina, Katie O’Connor, Bitch Falcon, & Nnic.


Just Mustard – October
A doom-laden rumble, hypnotically isolating vocal and screeching textural underbelly characterize ‘October’ as Just Mustard continue to contort their music into a barely restrained brooding beast.

Saint Sister – Is It Too Early (Kilmainham)
The Mixed-Tape:
Marking a sure-footed sonic sea change for Siant Sister, the duo’s comeback single ‘Is It Too Early (Kilmainham)’ merges their naturally enchanting vocal harmonies with a production populated by vivid synth textures with undercutting crunching beats.

whenyoung – The Others
It’s the bristling, pointed performance of ‘The Others’ that provides the high-water mark of Reasons To Dream“Tell your kids that nothing’s equal, even in a land like this. Ignorance is peaceful” sings Aoife Power, in one of many hard-hitting lyric moments while whenyoung wrack up the tension in a song that’s already pushing eleven. Indeed, it’s a testament to the band themselves that they seem to always find that little something extra to give in each song.

Katie O Connor – Love From Somebody
A multi-textured slice of mood-driven pop, ‘Love From Somebody’ marks the debut of Katie O’Connor with a highly-stylised sound bustling with layered harmonies.

Nnic headshot the place resize

Nnic – The Place
A slow-motion, darkened milieu occupies the heart of Nnic’s brand new single ‘The Place’. A serene beat, wide-open production and emotive vocal blend together on ‘The Place’ to create a striking piece of music.

Naoise Roo – Black Hole
Naoise Roo returns with the pulsing dark-wave sound of ‘Black Hole’. A relentless track, Roo’s comeback has a sonic heft to it that comes bounding in during the song’s hard-hitting dynamic moments, made all the more effective by Naoise’s tense, brooding vocal performance.

Kobina featuring Participant – Knots
Taken from Kobina’s Four Poems E.P, ‘Knots’ is a song drenched in texture that features a softly held vocal from Participant above a beat that cuts through the soundscape to create an infectious juxtaposition to the ambience.

Bitch Falcon – Panther 
Bitch Falcon make their return with the bristling ‘Panther’. The track not only marks the trio’s comeback but also a massive growth as guitar textures collide, drum beats wrack up the tension and vocals cut through and meld into the music.

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