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TLMT’s The Week Featuring Tanjier, Beauty Sleep, Basciville, Cinema & the Felonies

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TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Tanjier, Beauty Sleep, Bascivlle, Cinema & the Felonies.

Basciville - WEB

Basciville – Post Youth
Basciville returns with the dramatic gospel-infused sound of ‘Post Youth’. Centered around a deep, weighty production that conveys the sense of heft and depth of field found within Basciville’s music, ‘Post Youth’ makes an instant impression.

Tanjier – Days
‘Days’ finds Tanjier delivering a polished anthemic pop song that glistens with hooks and dynamic peaks and troughs as the trio swing for the fences with ambitious songwriting.

beaut-sleep-wrapped-in-plastic-photography(5) (1)

Beauty Sleep – Rainbow Ballroom
Beauty Sleep continues their recent run of pop gems in the build-up to their debut album Be Kind. The trio’s latest offering ‘Rainbow Ballroom’ is a serene slice of upbeat dream-pop that shimmers with the group’s trademark vivid vibes.

Cinema – Temptation
Widescreen electronic music from Cinema. ‘Temptation’ fills out the sonic spectrum with strong use of space, scattering beats and synth flourishes that surround a hypnotic vocal.

The Felonies – Small Town Syndrome
Propellant and pointed indie-rock from the Felonies. ‘Small Town Syndrome’ is a ragged blend of off-kilter post-punk fueled by frustration.

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