Premiere | Callum Orr returns with the tender ‘Wedding Song’


Check out the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive premiere of ‘Wedding Song’ the brand new single from Callum Orr.

A heartfelt love song, ‘Wedding Song’ is a gently set return from Callum Orr filled with a tender indie-folk production that builds in waves vivid harmony as the music dances from moments of repose to large swells of powerful vocals, weaving strings and shuffling rhythms.

Capturing the same delicate milieu as the music, the video (directed by Peter J Cooney and featuring Max Moore, Hannah Barrett, Ailbhe Reddy, Amy Harrington, Robbie Williams, and Molly Morris) portrays the intimate moments shared between two couples set to the color saturated backdrop of golden hour.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Wedding Song’ by Callum Orr. The single itself is due out on Spotify on April 19th.

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