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Watch | Just Mustard return with the ominous bristling of ‘Frank’


Just Mustard have returned with their brand new single ‘Frank’, accompanied by a visually off-setting music video.

‘Frank’ marks a stark clarity within the sonic milieu that Just Mustard create. Making great use of the group’s ability to construct tense music that rests on a knife edge coupled with hypnotic vocals that lull you further and further into its brooding soundscape, ‘Frank’ is precise in how it grabs you.

The dreamlike swaying of ‘Frank’ is also conveyed in the music video that accompanies Just Mustard’s latest offering, made from the same surrealist outlook as the music the visuals have a shuddering stop-motion quality to them that is instantly engrossing.

‘Frank’ comes as one side of Just Mustard’s upcoming split single ‘Frank // October’ with a 12” vinyl coming out on June 1st and now available to pre-order HERE.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Frank’ the latest single from Just Mustard. The single itself is out now via Spotify. 

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