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Premiere | Lyndsey Lawlor debuts with the bristling sound of ‘Eat The Money’


Lyndsey Lawlor unveils the music video for her debut single ‘Eat The Money’ exclusively on the Last Mixed Tape.

A song that bristles with an off-kilter alt-rock sound, Lyndsey Lawlor’s ‘Eat The Money’ has a real bite to it, as the track moves from tense opening meandering to full-force indie in the blink of an eye.

Merging several genre flourishes into her music, songwriter Lyndsey Lawlor has a distinct sound filled idiosyncratic highlights found in ‘Eat The Money’ and separate her from the singer-songwriter pack in clear singular way.

Watch the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive video premiere of ‘Eat The Money’ by Lyndsey Lawlor below. The single itself is out on Friday, April 12th. 

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