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TLMT’s The Week featuring Le Boom, All Tvvins, Krisdeberg, Baby Witch and the Elephant Room

2019_LeBoom-by Peter Fleming1web

TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Le Boom, All Tvvins, Krisdeberg, Baby Witch and the Elephant Room.

Le Boom – Be There For You
Le Boom return electro-stomper ‘Be There For You’. Blending serene vocals, sudden pops and clicks of synth and multi-layered beat the track is the surest sign yet of Le Boom capturing the power of their live shows in the studio. The duo’s upcoming All Of My Highs E.P. will be eagerly awaited.

Krisdeberg – Again
Instilled with an isolating dark-wave backdrop, the post-punk/synth-pop edge of Krisdeberg is ambitious and had to ignore. Big, bold, impactful stuff.

All Tvvins – Better Than Here
A clear stand out track, ‘Better Than Here’ is a laser-focused new track from All Tvvins with a clarity and vibrancy that’s simply infectious.

all tvvins

Baby Witch – Boat or Bike
Wonderfully off-kilter retro-pop, the music of Baby Witch, and their latest single ‘Boat or Bike’, is a hypnotic mix of psychedelia, baroque-pop and indie. Vivid in every sense of the word.

The Elephant Room – Bad News (For Good People)
Jangled retro alt-rock with shades of Dinosaur Jr., the malaise and nihilism at the core of the Elephant Room’s ‘Bad News (For Good People) is affecting.

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