TLMT’s The Week featuring AE Mak, Participant, Soulé, Fox Jaw, Super Silly & Kyoto Love Hotel

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TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by AE Mak, Participant, Soulé, Fox Jaw, Kyoto Love Hotel & Super Silly.

Æ Mak Press Shot

AE Mak – We Have It Right Here
AE Mak’s sound has grown to such a level that it can be truly called singular. From the interlocking pops and clicks, augment movements and vivid beats of ‘We Have It Right Here’ its clear that AE Mak on the cusp of something great.

Super Silly – Hold Your Own
‘Hold Your Own’ packs a punch. The latest single from Super Silly is one of intent, from that hard-hitting vocal, fuzzing backdrop and weighty production the single fills the potential the group has shown from the start.

Participant – Medicine
A tender offering from Participant, ‘Medicine’ continues to sonic sea change see on the previous release ‘Coast’ and expands further in the dark-folk territory with a widescreen sound.

Kyoto Love Hotel

Kyoto Love Hotel – Shapes That Bond You
A sprawling depth of field engulfs the alt-pop leanings of ‘Shapes That Bond You’, resulting in a captivating offering from Kyoto Love Hotel that works distant soundscapes, softly conveyed vocals and shuddering textures into a piece of music that has a deep sense of place.

Soulé – Waterfalls
A highlight from Soulé’s debut E.P. Love Cycle, ‘Waterfalls’ contains an infectiously vivid beat that rests beneath an enchanting vocal that weaves its story around the music with ease.

Fox Jaw – Madeleine
Fox Jaw return with the characteristically impactful sound of ‘Madeleine’. Built from a brooding bed of sharp-edged guitars, pounding beats and growling vocals the song exudes menace.

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