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TLMT’s The Week featuring Sorcha Richardson, Peachface, Beauty Sleep, Nnic, the Wha, Rebekah Fitch, Sick Love & Eve Belle


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Sorcha Richardson, Peachface, Beauty Sleep, Rebekah Fitch, Nnic, Sick Love, the Wha, & Eve Belle. 


Sorcha Richardson – Latch
The underlined sense of space found within Sorcha Richardson’s new single ‘Latch’, a Disclosure cover recorded with Participant, is a breath of fresh air. The sparse production of the track coupled with the subtle use of textures within it makes for an instantly engrossing offering.

Peachface – Killing Kind Of Love
The sophomore single from Peachface, ‘Killing Kind of Love’ is a multi-layered synth-pop banger with lush production and hooks for start to finish.

Rebekah Fitch – Poison
An ambitious track, Rebekah Fitch’s ‘Poison’ works from a collage of musical flourishes that blend into the backdrop of Fitch’s alt-pop sound, making for an interesting twist.

Beauty Sleep – The Dark
Taken from the Beauty Sleep’s upcoming debut album Be Kind, ‘The Dark’ is a dreamlike pop song filled with vibrant sounds, washing textures and vivid harmonies.

Nnic – Grow 
A captivating soundscape rests behinds the pops and clicks of ‘Grow’, delivered upon a laid back beat Nnic’s vocal weaves and twists around the song, resulting in a fully immersive listen.

Eve Belle ft. Isaiah Dreads – Cut Throat
Highly-stylised pop from Eve Belle, ‘Cut Throat’ melds alt-pop, R&B and hip-hop into a slick production that once again highlights Belle’s rising promise.

The Wha – Innocents
Up-front garage-punk, the jangle, bang and clatter of the Wha’s debut single ‘Innocents’ is attitude driven track that rumbles along with shades of indie-pop, new wave and punk.

Sick Love – Soccer Mom
Hard-hitting, pulsating rock ‘n’ roll from Sick Love, the all-encompassing growl of ‘Soccer Mom’ makes an immediate impact as the group’s tour de force sound moves to the fore.

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