TLMT’s The Week featuring Fontaines D.C, Otherkin, Melts, Nerves, Havvk & Erica Cody

TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Fontaines D.C, Otherkin, Melts, Nerves, Havvk & Erica Cody. 

Fontaines D.C. – Big
Early contender for song of the year, ‘Big’ (and its engrossing music video – directed by Molly Keane) is everything Fontaines D.C. has promised up to this point and more. Hype is no longer relevant, this single makes it a reality.

Melts – Echoes
The sophomore single from Melts, ‘Echoes’ finds the group expanding the post-punk cut with psych core of their music with a track filled with movement.

Havvk – Birds On A Wire
Propelled with an ominous rhythm, hard-edged guitars and a powerhouse vocal, Havvk continues their recent run of stand out singles with the brooding ‘Birds On A Wire’.

Kean Kavanagh – Miracle
The Mixed-Tape
Taken inspiration from ‘Toca’s Miracle’, the latest solo offering from Kean Kavanagh is a warping, lo-fi collage of sounds as the augment array beats that provide the track’s backdrop meld and infuse into one.

Erica Cody – Over & Over
Big, ambitious R&B from Erica Cody, ‘Over & Over’ marks a step-up in sound from Cody with a production that more than matches the ambition.

Otherkin – Tombstone
Otherkin turn their own sound on its head with the fuzz-driven ‘Tombstone’, a song that has considerably more bite than previous outings.

Nerves – Faces
A collision of post-punk, noise and indie-pop, Nerves latest offering, ‘Faces’, moves from raucous verse to bone-rattling choruses in the blink of an eye, all the while showcasing the trio’s keen eye for melody in loudness.

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