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TLMT’s The Week featuring Maria Somerville, the Gloaming, Sive, Glen Hansard & Fiona Harte

maria somerville

TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Maria Somerville, the Gloaming, Sive, Glen Hansard & Fiona Harte.

Maria Somerville – All My People 
The Mixed-Tape:
“Clocking in at an epic six minutes long, the suspenseful dream-pop of Maria Somerville’s ‘All My People’ plays with brooding textures, growling atmospheres and tense soundscapes as the music builds relentlessly to a buzzing, obscured crescendo.”

Glen Hansard – I’ll Be You, Be Me
Glen Hansard returns with a twist in the tail. The dark brooding, shadow dominated, hushed vocal, soundscape of ‘I’ll Be You, Be Me’ finds Hansard exploring new ground with songwriting that is stark but no less evocative.

Sive – Holding
With its hypnotic beat, ‘Holding’ is a song built upon a relentlessly vivid backdrop of sound that is constantly twisting and turning with harmony, atmosphere and rhythm. Sive’s best work to date.

The Gloaming – Áthas
The expressionistic landscape of the Gloaming’s organic and cinematic music once again emerges with ‘Áthas’, an enchanting track that will stay with you long after listening.

Fiona Harte – Storms
Fiona Harte returns with the heartfelt ballad ‘Storms’. A gentle affair, bathed in distant texture, the song merges alt-pop with indie-folk elements to create a warm sound overall.

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