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TLMT’s 10 Emerging Artists 2019

Last Mixed Tape delves into deep and highlights 10 promising emerging acts set to make an impact in the next twelve months.

2019 is now upon us and a new year of music on the horizon, with this in mind the Last Mixed Tape delves deep and highlights 10 promising emerging acts set to make an impact in the next twelve months. See full rundown and Spotify playlist below.


2018 was already a breakthrough year for Limerick garage-punk three-piece Powpig which saw the band recently performed as part of the Other Voices 2018 line-up. The group’s raw, reckless and realist sound makes them a very exciting prospect in the coming year.

Jackie Beverly

Jackie Beverly made a lasting impression with her debut single ‘Out Of Reasons’, a stark synth-pop gem that showcased Beverly instantly regonizable promise. 2019 will be a big year for the artist.


Girlfriend’s unbridled, uneasy to define take on garage and alt-rock makes the four-piece one of the more unpredictable acts on the Irish music scene. It will be interesting to see what they bring to 2019.


‘In É’ debuted Dowry as a musician with a firm grasp on creating mood, atmosphere and depth in her music. Delivering music as cinematic and emotive as this, what Dowry does in 2019 will be very interesting indeed.


The singles ‘Pillars’ and ‘8th Wonder’ outlined Nnic’s take on neo-soul as a powerfully emotive one, brought to life by performance and production that have a clear depth of field to them. More of this in the New Year!


Re-emerging with ‘H_Always’ in 2018, the to-the-bone emotive weight of Fears songwriting was unmistakable and instantly disarming. An uncompromising artist TLMT hopes to hear more from in 2019.


Having changed their name to Havvk this year, the Berlin-based band ended 2018 with one the stand-out singles of the past twelve months with the brilliant ‘Always The Same’. While the group have been releasing music for some time, there seems to be a new zeal and purpose behind them, a momentum that could very well see them have a break-out 2019.


Cherym’s garage-pop sound, seen on the E.P. MouthBreatherz, packs a punch. Gloriously unrelenting but always with strong pop sensibilities the band will be a breath of fresh air in 2019.


Electro-pop act Vokxen’s widescreen sound, found on the 2018 singles ‘Crystal Eyes’ and ‘Running’, introduced the trio as an act with a sound that is fully realised, captivating and impactful.

New Pagans

Coming into their own in 2018 with the single ‘Bloody Soil’, as well as a striking HWCH 2018 set at the Workman’s Club, Belfast alt-rock band New Pagans propellant music could give the Irish music scene a sizeable rattle in 2019.

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