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TLMT’s The Week featuring Talos, Silverbacks, Cry Monster Cry, Delorentos and Variant Sea


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Monthly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music from Talos, Silverbacks, Cry Monster Cry, Delorentos and Variant Sea.

Talos – See Me
The Mixed-Tape:
A beautifully set widescreen soundscape with an awe-inspiring depth of field, the music of ‘See Me’ is a captivating return from Talos that adds new layers and textures to his sound.”

Silverbacks – Just In The Band
An unrelenting rhythm and sharp-edged post-punk sound underscore ‘Just In The Band’, the latest single from Silverbacks. Filled with manically weaving guitars, pulsing bass and pointed vocals characterise the track as a must listen.

Cry Monster Cry – Citadel
A gentle repose runs right through Cry Monster Cry’s ‘Citadel’, slowly building to a texturally weighty crescendo, ‘Citadel’ is a patient song.


Delorentos – Be Here Christmas Time
With its wintery feel, Delorentos deliver a welcoming Christmas single that weaves a spell. Taken from the band’s latest E.P. of the same name, all proceeds from the sale of the EP will be donated to Focus Ireland this Christmas.

Variant Sea – Selene
A track bathed in light and dark, shimmering soundscapes and glistening piano, ‘Selene’ finds instrumental duo Variant Sea delivering a widescreen cinematic sound.

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