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” A safe haven of expression” – Happyalone talk to TLMT about Other Voices 2018


Other Voices 2018 will descend upon Dingle, County Kerry from November 30th to December 2nd. Happyalone will be playing as part of this year’s Hennessy Other Voices Music Trail and took the time to speak to TLMT. 

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify?
KICKIN’ PIMPIN (feat.Reddog) – Shawty Pimp.

What do you think makes Other Voices such a special gig for artists to play?
We haven’t been yet but from what I have seen it is the essence of artistry – pure, raw, and unadulterated emotion. A safe haven of expression.

What song are you enjoying playing live the most right now?
Currently, Oxygen really gets me going. It’s a tearjerker for myself and the audience and there’s this indescribable connection when something like that happens. An orgy of tears.

What other acts would you most recommend people see from the Other Voices?
Tebi Rex, Kojaque, Wastefellow and Just Mustard. Yet to see Just Mustard but I’ve heard amazing things.

With 2018 coming at an end. What are your future plans, gigs, releases etc going into 2019?
We’re doing a mini tour of Ireland including Dublin, Galway, Cork and Kerry. Currently, we’re working on a lot of stuff we have to keep under wraps including releases etc.

Our plans for the future are to gain more knowledge of the Human Race and adapt accordingly into the rigmarole of life.

Other Voices 2018 will take place in Dingle from November 30th to December 2nd for more information visit

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