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Other Voices 2018 | “you know the people behind it are doing it for the love of the music” Pine The Pilcrow talk to TLMT about Other Voices

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Other Voices 2018 will descend upon Dingle, County Kerry from November 30th to December 2nd. Pine The Pilcrow will be playing as part of this year’s Hennessy Other Voices Music Trail and band member Kevin Murray took the time to speak to TLMT. 

What’s the last song you listened to on Spotify?
Looking back past all the podcasts, it was The Whileaways tune ‘I Am A Hill’. I saw them perform at The Folk Awards and that song hit my girlfriend and I in the feels. Needless to say, we’ve had a few listens since! Great tune.

What do you think makes Other Voices such a special gig for artists to play?
It’s been the number 1 festival for us to get since we started playing music. At almost every gig we play, people come up to us and tell us we should play Other Voices. Like it’s something we decide! Ha! It’s special because of the location and the atmosphere and because you know the people behind it are doing it for the love of the music. That’s all you can ask for as an artist.

What song are you enjoying playing live the most right now?
We have just finished writing 3 new songs so I’d have to say those. We may think we have finished the songs in rehearsals but we find when we play them live a few times we end up changing bits and pieces. So it’s always great playing new songs and realising what works and what needs to change.

What other acts would you most recommend people see from the Other Voices?
The thing about Other Voices is it doesn’t matter who you see, you know the quality of the acts is top notch and are guaranteed to see something special when you go to a gig. Saying that, I hadn’t heard of Elma Orkestra before they were mentioned in the lineup. When I looked them up I thought they were amazing and can’t wait to see them live.

With 2018 coming at an end. What are your future plans, gigs, releases etc going into 2019?
We had such a busy 2018 with the new EP and the tour. Other Voices is the perfect icing on the cake for a great year. In 2019 we hope to push on again and record a full album and tour abroad.

Other Voices 2018 will take place in Dingle from November 30th to December 2nd for more information visit

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