TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | October 2018 featuring Soak, Montauk Hotel, Roisin El Cherif, Sive, Participant & more


A new feature to TLMT the Monthly Mixed-Tape is a playlist filled with the best in new Irish music over the past four weeks and updated each month. This October’s edition features Soak, Montauk Hotel, Roisin El Cherif, Participant & more.

Jackie Beverly – Out Of Reasons
The Mixed-Tape
“A patient track, ‘Out Of Reasons’ is a song that feels carefully crafted. The breathy atmosphere, emotional songwriting and striking pops and clicks of synth textures that underline the music, all single Beverly out as an exciting new prospect on the scene. An impressive feat for a first offering.”

Touts – Can’t Blame Me
Unapologetically hard-hitting, ‘Can’t Blame Me’ is the sound of Touts using the feral rock edge of their music to full effect.

Pillow Queens – Gay Girls
Pillow Queens sound continues to evolve and grow out from their earlier recording with ‘Gay Girls’, a song with precise guitars, dynamic ebb and flow and defined hooks.

Aislinn Logan – Wait On Me
Jolting rhythms, minimal electro-pop sounds and weaving vocals characterize a powerful stylistic comeback from Aislinn Logan via ‘Wait On Me’.

Le Boom – Animal
Taking a more atmospheric edge, Le Boom’s latest offering ‘Animal’ expands upon the duo’s previous work with shimmering production, unrelenting beats and hook-filled passages that firmly establish the group as a force to be reckoned with.


Columbia Mills – Close To You
The Mixed-Tape
A song large on both scale and ambition, the heavy depth of field found in ‘Close To You’ captures the multi-layered sound that has been so vital to Columbia Mills from the beginning.”

Moylan – Naive
An understated debut, Moylan’s ‘Naive’ leaves us with a powerful and subtle introduction to an exciting new songwriter on the scene.

Party Fears – Dog Star
Party Fears’ ‘Dog Star’ finds the group returning with their own singular take on the indie genre. A contorted, dynamically twisting and brooding track, ‘Dog Star’ also contains an off-kilter infectious hook that is uniquely theirs.

Bouts – Love’s Lost Landings Pt. 1
‘Love’s Lost Landings Pt.1’ is the sound of a band who can just produce indie gems at will. Bouts are at the top of their game right now.

Sive – Quietly
A song with a strong sense of place and atmosphere. The sonic openness and intimate songwriting found in ‘Quietly’ is a beautifully organic return from Sive.

Montauk Hotel Promo Picture

Montauk Hotel – Stains
Premiere –“The expanding sonic scope of Montauk Hotel continues with the widescreen indie shimmer of ‘Stains’. From its textural guitars, pounding beats and reverb-drenched vocals, ‘Stains’ is a work of intricate pop songwriting and a production with a strong depth of field.”

Participant – Coast
The Mixed-Tape – “Marking a sea change in sound for Participant, ‘Coast’ is an intimate and isolating take on the folk genre shrouded in a sense of icy atmosphere that gives way to a large tide of string swells that engulf the song and just as suddenly disappear.”

Sweat Threats – We Know
Taken from the group’s self-titled E.P, ‘We Know’ is a no holds barred, heavy-hitting slice of alternative-rock that makes great use of the band’s impactful music.

Tanjier – Lights
Built from a pulsing rhythm, the glistening synth-pop of ‘Lights’ further evolves the deepening sound of Tanjier.

Roisin El Cherif – Glass House
A deeply ethereal piece of music. Roisin El Cherif’s ‘Glass House’ has an atmosphere, soundscape and feel all of its own.

Flecks Samurai

Lisa Maria – Silhouette
“Giving a dynamic edge to Lisa Maria as an artist. ‘Silhouette’ is a giant leap forward that makes great use of its highly-stylised production to tell something personal and intimate.”

Soak – Everybody Loves You
The Mixed-Tape
“The return of Soak has been a long-awaited one, and ‘Everybody Loves You’ is a brilliant and organic expansion of sound from Soak that makes the wait worthwhile.”

The Late David Turpin (feat. Jon Dots) – Kalikrates
The Late David Turpin has a sound and style all of his own. This is certainly the case on ‘Kalikrates’ is intricately woven tapestry of genre-melding music and vivid storytelling.

Flecks – Samurai
Flecks return after some time away with the propellant dark-wave pop of ‘Samurai’, a neon shimmering work of glistening synths, strong beats and distant vocals.

Meltybrains? – Roger Federer
Following their acclaimed Dublin Fringe Festival show ?, Meltybrains? unleash their latest offering ‘Roger Federer’, a sonically warping journey that encompasses a wide array of augmenting sounds.

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