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Premiere | Subplots return with the intricate pulse of ‘To A Fault’


The Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere ‘To A Fault’, the brand new single from Subplots. 

Taken from Subplots upcoming album A Silent Phase, ‘To A Fault’ is a song built upon weaving beats that intricately pulse persistently throughout and gritty electronic textures that play with the background/foreground of the music.

Twisting and turning, the music of Subplots is one that sits upon an every moving bedrock of rhythm. ‘To A Fault’ conveys this propellant nature in a slow-burning song filled with moments of contrasting light and dark elements.

Click below to listen to TLMT’s exclusive stream of ‘To A Fault’ by Subplots. The song’s parent album A Silent Phase is due out on November 8th via Cableattack!!! Records. 

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