Hard Working Class Heroes 2018 stage times announced

Pillow Queens low

The Hard Working Class Heroes 2018 stage times for both the live music and conferences have been announced today.

With HWCH 2018 only weeks away the daily stage times and venue line-ups have been confirmed. This year’s festival will include performances from AE Mak, Laoise, Beauty Sleep, Bicurious, Maria Kelly, Molly Sterling, Chanele McGuinness, Pillow Queens, Wastefellow and many more. See the full Hard Working Class Heroes 2018 timetable below.

HWCH 2018 Stage Times


The Workman’s Club

19.15-19.45 Crook

20.00-20.30 New Pagans

20.45-21.15 Hand Models

21.30-22.00 Bicurious

22.15-22.45 Thumper

23.00-23.30 Pillow Queens

The Grand Social

20.15-20.45 Flynn

21.00-21.30 Malojian

21.45-22.15 Kitt Philippa

22.30-23.00 Wild Youth

23.15-23.45 Æ Mak

00.00-00.30 True Tides

Yamamori Tengu

20.45-21.15 Feather Beds

21.30-22.00 Xo Mo

22.15-22.45 Ódú

23.00-23.30 Roe


19.15-19.45 Tim Chadwick

20.00-20.30 Awkward Z.

20.45-21.15 Darce

21.30-22.00 Damola

22.15-22.45 Bad Bones


20.15-20.45 Brenna Carroll

21.00-21.30 Leila Jane

21.45-22.15 Rosa Nutty

22.30-23.00 Maria Kelly


The Workman’s Club

19.15-19.45 p e a r l y

20.00-20.30 Just Mustard

20.45-21.15 Sonja Sleator

21.30-22.00 A. Smyth

22.15-22.45 Silverbacks

23.00-23.30 The Wood Burning Savages

The Grand Social

20.15-20.45 Joshua Burnside

21.00-21.30 Hunkpapa

21.45-22.15 Sean OB

22.30-23.00 Beauty Sleep

23.15-23.45 Molly Sterling

00.00-00.30 I Have A Tribe

Yamamori Tengu

20.45-21.15 Evans Junior

21.30-22.00 Celaviedmai

22.15-22.45 1000 Beasts

23.00-23.30 Wastefellow


19.15-19.45 Owen Denvir

20.00-20.30 Sam Wickens

20.45-21.15 Tadgh

21.30-22.00 Josh Gray

22.15-22.45 Laoise


20.15-20.45 Alan Finan

21.00-21.30 Chanele McGuinness

21.45-22.15 Jack O’Rourke

22.30-23.00 Tiz McNamara



B2B Presentations

12.00 Guild of Music Supervisors (UK & Europe)

14.00 AIM UK


Main Room | Hosted by Jim Carroll

13.30 We Never Went Away: The Role of A&R Today

14.30 The Science of a Hit

15.30 Niche Festival: New Way To Go?

16.30 Keynote Conversation with Paul Jones (Rough Trade Records)

Workshop Room | Hosted by James Byrne (Any Other City Records)

11.00 The How & Why of Playlists

12.00 Has Technology Made Life Easier?

14.00 When Do I Get a Manager?

15.00 What Do Agents Do?

16.00 The French Music Market


Main Room | Hosted by Jim Carroll

13.30 Why International Showcases are Good for You

14.30 Does Media Matter?

15.30 It’s Time to Look at Mental Health & Music

16.30 Keynote Interview with Ann Marie Shields (BIMM Dublin)

Workshop Room | Hosted by James Byrne (Any Other City Records)

11.00 Touring & Taxation

12.00 Music Supervisor Workshop

14.00 What is Yangaroo & How Does It Work?

15.00 Endorsements: How Do You Get Them & At What Cost?

16.00 Social or Bust: The Value of Modern Social Media Engagement

Hard Working Class Heroes 2018 will take place in venues across Dublin (the Workmans Club, Tengu, Tramline, Doyle’s and the Grand Social) from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th September with an opening networking night followed by the live showcases which will take place across Friday and Saturday night.

Ticket info:

Tickets for Hard Working Class Heroes 2018 this September are on sale now via

Delegate Ticket (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) €55 / Live Ticket (Friday & Saturday) €35

Conference Ticket (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) €25 / Live Ticket (Friday/Saturday) €25

Single Venue Ticket €12.50 (only available on the door at live music venues)

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