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The Week #03 | Featuring Havvk, Elizabeth Moen, Avro Party, Mob Wife & In Their Thousands


The Last Mixed Tape’s The Week #03 features new music from the likes of Havvk, Elizabeth Moen, Avro Party, Mob Wife & In Their Thousands.

Havvk – Glass
The Mixed-Tape “Carried forward by shimmering melody, shuffled beats and isolating vocals, the song feels like it hangs on a knife-edge between brooding and imposing, making for a fully immersive offering from Havvk.”

In Their Thousands – ACRASIA 
‘ACRASIA’ proves to be well worth the wait, a tour de force that once again highlights just how immersive and cinematic the music of In Their Thousands is whilst also giving us a promising glimpse into what is to come from the band’s latest L.P.

Raw Files for Selection by Kelly Levacher

Elizabeth Moen – Time Is A Shitty Friend
With a sound steeped in raw emotion, the pure release of Elizabeth Moen’s ‘Time Is A Shitty Friend’ is a cathartic one pushed forward by a brooding undercurrent.

Avro Party – D U S T
Set against a widescreen cinematic darkwave backdrop, the ambitious ‘D U S T’ is a compelling new offering from Avro Party that drags you into its world of far-off soundscapes, delicate piano lines and scattered beats.

Mob Wife – Warm Water
Mob Wife’s ‘Warm Water’ has an unrelenting, thrashing sound propelled by sharp-edged guitars, pounding drums and all-encompassing vocals.

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