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Review | “an album which makes us all feel a little less alone when we seem lost” Gavin Glass – Opus Pocus


The Last Mixed Tape reviews Opus Pocus, the latest studio album from singer-songwriter Gavin Glass. 

There are certain points in life when fear driven by malaise can be all-encompassing. That feeling of directionlessness is easy to identify with, even if it’s not easy to admit to. Boldly, Gavin Glass has put this all out on front-street with Opus Pocus.

Possibly the most telling aspect of Opus Pocus is how it starts. The unrelenting introspection of ‘Thirty-Somethings’ is a biting critique of life in Ireland right now and an all too familiar story,  not only for the titular age bracket but for everyone. Lyrically traversing the economic, relationship and mental up-hill battles we can all feel we’re fighting at one point or another the song puts sharply into focus just what it is Glass has to say on his latest solo outing.

Facing into adult life and the inherent responsibilities that follow, Glass shows a tender side with ‘Break Your Daddy’s Heart’. An ode to parenthood, the song follows many of the themes first laid out in ‘Thirty-Somethings’ whilst adding a softer more hopeful side not just lyrically but musically too.

Holding the over-arching narrative of Opus Pocus together is the production. Indeed, the blending of story-telling and sense-of-place sonic cohesiveness comes to the fore with the addition of three atmospheric ambient tracks (‘Op#3’, ‘Op#4’ & ‘Op#41’). Set between to the folk-rock sounds of tracks like ‘Bad Reputation’ and ‘Don’t Go Thinking’, these moments make the record feel like one full piece.

Sometimes we need music to speak to us directly, we use it to get over break-ups, remember better times or simply soundtrack a place and time in our lives. With Opus Pocus, Gavin Glass achieves just that, an album which makes us all feel a little less alone when we seem lost, through music that feels at ease with itself.

Rating: 8/10

Opus Pocus by Gavin Glass is out now. 

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